Voting in Ohio–Step One:Sit on A Park Bench. Congratulations! You Now Live Here

A Federal judge in Ohio ruled on Tuesday that park benches and other locations that were not buildings could be used as addresses for homeless people so that they could vote next Tuesday. 

U.S. District Judge Edmund Sargus allowed the listing of park benches as addresses for homeless people in the settlement of a suit involving the Secretary of State for Ohio, Jennifer Bruner and the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless (Ne.O.C.H.?).  While there is little detail about how the judge came to this decision, I can only imagine his notes were filled with doodles that say I (Heart) Obama,  Obama and Sargus-TLA, and stuffed inside the docket was a folded up note that read “Barack, Harry, Nancy and Barney, meet me outside the courthouse during lunch! I can’t wait!”.  The floodgates are now open for more voter fraud in Ohio than ever before.  Buses are probably already being rented by the Obamats to take up “residency” in Ohio on election day. 

But enough of the negatives.  The upside of this ruling is that since these people are no longer homeless and “own” a piece of “property”, they must pay income tax on the assessed value of their “property”.  Tax bases across Ohio should swell as “locationally disabled” people take up residence in parks across Ohio.  Rules will obviously have to be followed, first street rules then from the legislative branches of government, on how one acquires these pieces of property and how they will in turn be able to sell them.  I’m thinking squatters rights apply initially, at least until after Nov 4.  In addition to this the housing market should see a significant upswing in the state in the months of October and November as residency is established at “Public Bench 1929″ thus providing Wall Street with the much needed good news to sustain positive numbers for an entire week.  By the way, what are the taxes on a 6x4x2 bench in the middle of Cleveland?

This ruling is BOGUS!!!!  Park benches,sidewalks and heating grates are not viable locations to take up a residence.  As sad as the homeless situation may be Barack Obama has yet to take one ” locationally disabled” person into his home and Joe Biden only gave .2% ($398) of his salary to charity last year.  So how much do they care about these people? 

This is about votes and the Democrats feeling that they are OWED an election because of 2000.  But where was the popular vote argument in their primary?  This is about votes and the Democrats feeling that they must be the first party to put a black man in the White House to make their party platforms of inclusion viable again. 

Well, all I can say is–see you in Ohio on election day.  I’ll be the “homeless man” on the bench at the mall.


“I’m from the Government and I’m here to help!”

As Obama and Biden and their Democratic minions continue to demonize and destroy “Joe the Plumber” people need to understand what Senator Obama and Joe Biden mean by saying that they want to “share the wealth” and its inevitable consequences. 

By standing up for the mythological “middle class”, Senator Obama has been able to elevate his rhetoric to appeal to anyone feeling disenfranchised in the current economic situation.  Obama has been able to tell these people that it was not their fault for taking on risky, high priced mortgages that they could not afford and has told disenfranchised voters the mixed message of “it’s the governments fault for lending you money and only the government can help you now”.   And despite the idiocy of that reasoning, his promise of lower taxes for them while he taxes the greedy quarter millionaires has propelled him to a lead in the current polls. 

But what happens when “Joe the Plumber” stops showing up for work?  Let’s face it, we have all known someone who has declined overtime because the amount they would make would put them into a higher tax bracket and as a result the extra hours would be paid at a rate less than their hourly wage.  Under Obama the company “Joe the Plumber” owns will face the same decision-make over $250,000 and be taxed at a higher rate thus lowering earnings.  When “Joe” decides to stop working at $249,000, the income he makes can no longer be “shared” or “redistributed” as Senators Obama and Biden see fit and “Joe” stays a member of the mythological “middle class” making him eligible for an Obama/Biden handout.  If this pattern is repeated by “Jane the Florist”, “Bob the Painter” and “Barb the Contractor”, the Obama/Biden tax base dries up and wealth stops flowing back to the “middle class”.  What will Obama/Biden do now? 

Two options exist for Obama/Biden at this point.  The first is to lower the top rate to $150,000, then to $100,000 and so on.  This means taxes start going up for higher and higher percentages of Americans and the lower wage earners continue to shrink.  Inevitably everyone is equal. 

The other option is for Obama/Biden to force people to work.  This can happen in many ways but the easiest term to call this is a draft.  Obama could institute a draft for military service, civil service or any other area he believes is necessary to bolster the economy.  Everyone starts to pay taxes while working for the government thus creating the pool Obama/Biden need to “redistribute” or “share” the wealth as they see fit. 

So what is the inevitable consequence of an Obama/Biden administration?  More government and less personal responsibility.  Call it socialism if you want but I see it as the destruction of the American work ethic once and for all.  Where is my incentive to work if I have a cap on my earnings?  Why even try to find a job if a steady flow of income is coming to me from the top?  Why make more than minimum wage when my lethargy is being rewarded by people who want to work hard and get ahead?  And why better myself when the government is telling me I’m the victim? 

This election and the current economic situation is a wake up call to all Americans.  Unfortunately too many are hitting the snooze button and HOPING someone else will CHANGE their lot in life.

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As the Bell Tolls

The death-knell of the republic had rung as soon as the active power became lodged in the hands of those who sought, not to do justice to all citizens, rich and poor alike, but to stand for one special class and for its interests as opposed to the interests of others.

  • Teddy Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States


“We want to take money and put it back in the pocket of the middle-class people.  It’s time to be patriotic..jump in, time to be part of the deal, time to help get America out of the rut.”

  • Joe Biden (D-Delaware),  2008 VP candidate chosen by Barack Obama

If Saddam rejects peace and we have to use force, our purpose is clear. We want to seriously diminish the threat posed by Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction program.

  • Bill Clinton, 42nd President

  • The community of nations may see more and more of the very kind of threat Iraq poses now: a rogue state with weapons of mass destruction, ready to use them or provide them to terrorists. If we fail to respond today, Saddam and all those who would follow in his footsteps will be emboldened tomorrow.The community of nations may see more and more of the very kind of threat Iraq poses now: a rogue state with weapons of mass destruction, ready to use them or provide them to terrorists. If we fail to respond today, Saddam and all those who would follow in his footsteps will be emboldened tomorrow.

    • Bill Clinton, 42nd President


     Now let me be clear: I suffer no illusions about Saddam Hussein. He is a brutal man. A ruthless man. A man who butchers his own people to secure his own power. The world, and the Iraqi people would be better off without him. But I also know that Saddam poses no imminent and direct threat to the United States, and that in concert with the international community he can be contained until, in the way of all petty dictators, he falls away into the dustbin of history.

    • Barack Obama, Presidential Candidate (D-Illinois)


    It’s simply not true that Saddam was providing weapons of mass destruction to terrorists. This incursion into Iraq has resulted in a situation in which terrorist recruits are up. It’s been acknowledged, now, by the Pentagon, that the insurgents active in Iraq are far higher. Terrorist attacks worldwide are the highest in 20 years. The notion that somehow we’re less vulnerable in the US as a consequence of spending 200 billion dollars and sacrificing thousands of lives is simply not borne out by the facts.

    • Barack Obama, 2004, Illinois Senate

    “I say to our enemies, we are coming. God may show you mercy. We will not.”

    • John McCain Presidential Candidate (R-Arizona)

    Facts and Feelings from Wall Street to Main Street

    The biggest heart string issue any candidate can use to influence votes is the economy.  The last few days have been a testament to this.  While Obama uses “middle class” as a noun, verb and adjective in every speech, McCain has been trying to reassure Americans about the fundamentals of the economy.  In light of the polls today, it would seem Obama is the better string player.  But does he have the leadership and policies to back up what he is saying on the stump? 

    First to leadership.  It was reported today that the Democratically controlled Congress is considering another recess in light of the current economic situation.  The reason being that they don’t know what to do and don’t want to act in a manner that will cause any more harm.  Obama himself has yet to take a position on the bailout of AIG saying he needs more information before he can react to what happened yesterday. 

    While it is true that John McCain is part of the same Congress that is considering another recess, it is also true that he is a member of the party that stayed in the House to push for a vote on energy reform after the last recess was called by Speaker Pelosi.  The Republican representatives stayed in the House for days after the recess was called, lights out, trying to put pressure on the Democrats to allow an up or down vote on energy reform.  

    Unlike Obama,  John McCain has taken a position on the bailout of AIG.  According to ABC he is now a flip-flopper because he supports the bailout after he opposed it previously.  But they miss the point.  John McCain changed his position because he was able to see that if AIG was not given help in some manner-federal,private or the combination of both that has happened-the economy and millions of Americans who are associated with AIG in some way would have been decimated by even a partial failure.  Call it a flip flop if you like but leaders know when and how to act, even if acting goes against what they believe. 

    Now, the policies.  Once again  these are policy statements directly out of Obama’s “Blueprint for America”  and the expanded Issues section of the John McCain website.  They are not the soundbites or anecdotes candidates use on the stump. 

      Obama’s plan starts with, what else, the middle class.  While Obama is fond of talking about his tax cut and it’s perceived ability to help 95% of Americans, his plan does not address who is middle class.  He does specify a tax credit that would be equal to $500 per individual or $1,000 per working family in what he calls the “Making Work Pay” tax credit.  He says it would completely eliminate taxes for 10 million Americans and provide 150 million workers relief. 

    Obama also will simplify tax filings,  allowing taxpayers the option of signing a returning a pre-filled tax form sent by the IRS.  No itemization, no W, I or A forms, just sign a return.  Accountants beware, estimates are you will lose approximately $2 billion in fees when this happens.  Perhaps the accounts will need retraining after they lose their jobs, but not to worry Obama has provided for that in his plan. 

    First of all, if you take a job at McDonalds, your minimum wage will rise indexed to inflation.  Simply put, small businesses are forced to pony up money every year for every worker, NOT based on performance.  In addition Obama will raise the Earned Income Tax Credit so that you can work full-time and still raise a family.  Not only that but Obama will expand FMLA to companies that employ as little as 25 people and allow time off for just about anything.  While I can’t say that allowing time off under FMLA to see your kids soccer games is a bad idea, I can say that his idea to make states and companies to pay for FMLA time is a bad one.  But to this end Obama has promised $1.5 billion to the states to help them pay for the new FMLA rules. 

    If you decide, as an out of work accountant, that you want to enter the manufacturing field, Obama is going to spend untold (literally, he has no number) dollar amounts on new job training programs.  Using his education policy as a backdrop, most of this retraining will happen at community colleges where education will be free under an Obama administration.  If you decide to stay at home and work, Obama will give you high speed Internet as he spends countless (again no number) dollars on companies who provide Internet connection services. 

    Of course Obama has a record to back up his economic policies and tax cuts.  In 2007 he was a cosponsor on a bill (his site says he introduced it) by Dick Durbin called the Patriot Employer Act.  The bill currently sits in committee. Did I mention the Congress that controls these committees is controlled currently by Obama’s own party.  He also cosponsored the STOP FRAUD Act to help homeowners, it also sits in committee

    Sen McCain’s proposals start off with a balanced budget by 2013.  To achieve this McCain will:

    • make reasonable growth a reality
    • control spending
    • use bipartisanship like (hold on ) Bill Clinton did in the 90’s to pass a budget

    In assuring growth Mccain believes that small businesses will benefit the economy the most.  His proposals of low taxes and low rates on capital gains will allow those businesses to reinvest in their own future.  Also small businesses would be able to deduct equipment and technology investments they make to improve their businesses.  In addition to allowing businesses to reinvest in themselves, McCain is proposing reducing the Estate Tax to 15% which would allow more businesses to stay in the family.  In addition the Bush tax cuts would stay in place and may even increase for all Americans. 

    Another way John McCain can assure growth is the implementation of his energy policy.  Under his plans, which include ALL types of energy,  new jobs would be created in America to build and support new energy development.  In nuclear power alone it is estimated that over 700,000 jobs would be created under McCain’s plan.  Retraining is also a priority in a Mccain Presidency and would be fully supported. 

    The second part of McCain’s plan to balance the budget is to control spending.  John McCain’s efforts to control spending are famous and easily found on his congressional website.  But in addition to earmarks, John McCain has proposed a freeze on all non-defense and non-veteran discretionary spending thus allowing time to plan and prioritize all spending programs.  And as we draw down in Iraq and costs are reduced in the war, much of that money will go to deficit reduction, not universal health care. 

    One other point on spending.  Much has been made about the “Bridge to Nowhere” in Alaska.  Sarah Palin has been criticised for supporting the earmark before she was Governor and then voicing her opposition to it as Governor.  John McCain voted “NO” to this earmark (H.r. 3, CQ Vote#220: Adopted 91-4:R 48-4;D42-0, I 1-0,7/29/2005)and was only one of 4 Senators to do so, Obama voted for it.  When the money was allocated anyway, Palin did take the $36 million allocated BUT directed her Transportation Department to use it for infrastructure improvements in the state.  This is in keeping with improvements sought after the government directed states to look at all of their infrastructure after the bridge collapse a few years ago.  Here are two source to verify the bill-

    This site shows Obama and McCain’s votes on HR 3

    Finally, John McCain’s record of bipartisanship shows that he can easily work with all members of Congress to make this happen.  Just as Democrats and Republicans are coming together this week to slow the bleed in the financial sector, Sen McCain has worked with Ted Kennedy, Joe Lieberman and others to introduce legislation that, many times his own party did not support. 

    There is more to the McCain plan but I have gone on long enough (Printed text for McCain goes on for 14 pages, Obama has 5).   Figuring out what each candidate is saying on the trail is difficult.  Sen Obama clearly uses emotion over reason and Sen McCain tries reason more than he should sometimes.  But after writing my longest post yet, the bottom line is this.  On May 25, 2006 John McCain spoke to the Banking Committee and warned of the failure of Fannie and Freddie as well as others (AIG).  Franklin Raines and Jim Johnson, now advisers to Obama, were executives in the banking industry then.  Chris Dodd (D) was the ranking committee member and killed the resolution John McCain and others proposed.  Where was the leadership of Obama and the Democrats then?

    Again look at the comments:

     (Thank you to all sites listed)

    Typical Obama Response

    It is kind of sad that I could have written the Obama response to John McCain’s acceptance speech as early as last week.  Obama is continuing to link McCain with Bush and all of his responses, including the response to Sarah Palin’s speech, have been the same “voted 90% with Bush” line.   But what about the nagging fact that Sen Obama and Sen Biden have voted with the leaders of their party 96% of the time while John McCain has stuck with his party only 86% of the time.  

    Obama also has criticized McCain and all of the speakers at the RNC for not saying the words middle class.  While Senators Obama and Biden continue to talk about the middle class and run their contest over who can say the words middle class more, Sen McCain is proposing tax credits, lower taxes and  reforms in government spending to help all Americans in the next four years. 

    One other word on the speech and the response by Sen Obama and his supporters.  Last night several disgraceful and ignorant people tried to crash the convention and their acts were given a national spotlight. Free speech is a right everyone has, even the most ignorant among us, but it is not an excuse for the behavior of last night’s protesters or those on the streets in Minneapolis who tried to cause real damage to property and individuals.  I don’t see them as representative of all of Obama’s supporters but I have not heard one supporter or candidate try and distance themselves from them either.

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    Who’s on my $20 now?

    In the past few weeks Obama has become the embodiment of the hopes of America, he has redecorated the White House with a new basketball court and less TVs,  and has taken a Presidential trip overseas.  Now he has cast himself as a new face of American money. 

    On Thursday, Obama reiterated his charge that the Bush and McCain team (?) were trying to make voters afraid of him.  In several speeches, Obama accused the Republicans of saying “You know, he’s not patriotic enough, he’s got a funny name, you know, he doesn’t look like all those other Presidents on the dollar bills.”  Then in defense of the statement, David Axelrod and others have been saying that McCain started it.  The question is HOW?

    Sen McCain has never used a racial slur against Obama.  Ted Kennedy was the one who got mixed up and called him Osama in an introduction he was making to voters.  Obama was the one who gave “The Race Speech” to let voters know he was black after the Clinton’s made several reportedly racial remarks.  The worst Sen McCain has done was to liken him to celebrity’s who happened to be white women.  It has also been widely stated, almost reverently at times,  that only in America could we be facing the choice of a Presidential candidate with the middle name of Hussein. 

    Sen Obama is again deciding to use the race card in this campaign to draw attention to himself.  In the same breath he is trying to paint a picture of a McCain Presidency as a third Bush term,  a charge Obama is using to incite the same fear he is accusing McCain of promoting.  Yet, in every attack McCain has used there has been real policy differences discussed.  Obama has only used his “Hopes and Dreams” scenario in a majority of his ads.  The accusation that McCain was the one who started this race issue is LUDACRIS (hear HIS new song?) and baseless. 

    If Sen Obama wants a real discussion of what Americans are afraid of he should look at his own policies, not his race.  On energy, Sen Obama does not support any measures that will help Americans in the long or short term.  Offshore drilling is a scheme to him, yet when the ban was lifted by President Bush two weeks ago the price of a barrel of oil and the price at the pump dropped.  Nuclear is risky for Obama yet produces clean power at a much higher rate and is safer than traditional power plants.  And incentives to find alternative power sources are nothing more than political pandering to Obama.

    On the issue of Iraq, Sen Obama wants us out of the country in as little time as possible.  He did not and still does not support the surge despite its ongoing success (10 soldiers and 510 civilians died in July, a 75% drop from the same period last year).  He disagrees with the commanders on the ground, possibly because of his extensive knowledge of the military, and would only listen to them if it fits into his plans as Commander in Chief.  Obama also wants to refocus our military might to Afghanistan, citing the surge of violence there in recent months, but also wants to meet with Iran and Syria with no preconditions to discuss options in the region. 

    On health care, Sen Obama wants to give coverage to everyone to the tune of billions a year.  Not a bad idea except that the cost would be prohibitive.  Obama says not to worry that the money being spent on Iraq would fund his initiative.  What Obama does not say is that the money being used for Iraq is already being taken out of various Government agencies who would have to continue to operate on a lower budget or cut services even more.  To fund the war each agency has to give a portion of its budget back to the government for war funding, so the $10 billion we are spending in Iraq is not the free money Obama sees. 

    On the issue of the economy, Sen Obama supports tax increases for “wealthy” Americans but has yet to define who will be defined as “wealthy”.  He supports PAYGO policies and the limiting earmarks (good) but also supports more stimulus payments with no spending cuts.  Obama also wants to tax windfall profits, again without an explanation of what a windfall profit margin is, and raise the minimum wage to what some call a living wage.  Both of these practices would raise prices across the board and further weaken the economy by hurting the small businesses that run our country.  In addition his guarantee of paid sick days for all workers will further weaken small businesses who are just starting out and can not provide such benefits. 

    Sen Obama was again partially correct when he said that the Republicans were trying to scare voters.  However his insuation that McCain and his supporters are using race to frighten voters was off the mark.  The majority of voters do not care about his race or ethnic background and Obama is the only candidate who highlights his diversity and calls it an adversity.  What voters are scared of is not who is on their money but rather who will help them earn and keep more of their money.  In that scenario, voters should be scared of calling Obama Mr. President.

    Speaking in Tongues

    Since Senator Obama is embarrassed by Americans expecting English to be spoken overseas and since he is embarrassed by Americans expecting foreigners to speak English here,  I just wonder if the Senator and Presidential hopeful will be speaking the native tongue of the countries he will be visiting on his upcoming trip to Europe and the Middle East or will he be using a translator funded by taxpayers? 

    Goodbye! Senator Obama

    America is watching and listening!


    Seit Senator Obama ist peinlich Amerikaner erwarten Englisch zu sprechen und in Übersee, da er peinlich Amerikaner erwarten Ausländer, Englisch zu sprechen hier, ich frage mich, ob der Senator und Präsidentschafts-Hoffnung wird sprechen die Muttersprache der Länder wird er auf Besuch seiner bevorstehenden Reise nach Europa und den Nahen Osten oder wird er mit Hilfe eines Übersetzers von den Steuerzahlern finanziert?

    Auf Wiedersehen! Senator Obama

    Amerika ist beobachten und zuhören!

    Desde el Senador Obama está avergonzado por los estadounidenses Inglés esperando a ser intervenido en el exterior y desde que él es avergonzado por los estadounidenses esperan que los extranjeros a hablar Inglés aquí, me pregunto si el Senador y Presidente de la esperanza de se habla la lengua nativa de los países que va a visitar a su próximo viaje a Europa y el Medio Oriental o va a estar usando un traductor financiado por los contribuyentes?

    América está viendo y escuchando!

    Dal momento che il senatore Obama è imbarazzato di americani in attesa di essere inglese parlata oltremare e poiché egli è in imbarazzo di americani stranieri in attesa di parlare inglese qui, mi chiedo se il senatore e presidente di speranza verrà parlare la lingua madre dei paesi sarà in visita a il suo prossimo viaggio in Europa e il Medio Oriente o che egli si stia utilizzando un traduttore finanziati dai contribuenti?
    L’America è guardare e ascoltare!

    Photoshopping a President

    Obama’s planned visits to  Iraq, Afghanistan and Europe are nothing more than an attempt by his campaign to photoshop Sen Obama into the White House.  The fact that all three major networks, ABC,CBS and NBC, are sending their anchors abroad with him is all the proof anyone needs of this veiled trick by the Obama campaign. 

    As Sen Obama heads overseas, on the taxpayer dime,  he will no doubt be looking for opportunities to pump up his bid for the Presidency.  There will be no lack of opportunity as he shakes hands with world leaders and our troops as the networks scurry behind.  I can see it now…Obama and an Iraqi soldier shaking hands,  Obama and a General discussing the surge, Obama hugging an Iraqi boy who has lost his father in a suicide attack, Obama and (insert world leader here) sharing a chat while strolling some historic landmark.  His entourage of other Senators (any on the short list for VP?) will be ignored so that America may see just how Presidential Obama can act (act being the key word). 

    But the theory is widely held that Nixon lost to Kennedy because his 5 o’clock shadow was visible during the televised debate.  This trip could very well be Obama’s 5 o’clock shadow.  Whatever Obama does will be scrutinized.  Perhaps not by NBC or the other networks, but by talk radio, cable news, on the internetand by voters at large.  Many will view some of his actions overseas as politically expedient or as just another politician traveling on my dime.  This will be made even more clear if Obamaengages in campaign rhetoric while traveling.  He may just turn out to be another politicain, a label he despises. 

    Another potential drawback for Obama is if he looks like he is not leading the delegation.  As the Senators head into Iraq and Afghanistan, who will be their spokesperson?  If it is not Obama, he could be perceived as lacking the will to lead.  If he does not talk about leaving Iraq while in Iraq he may lose support among the most important and largest group of Obama voters, young Americans, who may also perceive him as just another politician. 

    Also, will rallies for Obama in Germany or other nations on their itinerary really help him win an election to become the President of the United States?  Rallies will certainly show that he is popular but while on this trip he can’t engage in politics as usual without offending taxpayers at home who are funding the trip.  John McCain’s trips, while held during the campaign season, were not political rallies and he did not engage in politics while abroad.  Voters scratched their heads as to why he was in Columbia but did not hear McCain utter phrases about his opponent and his plans (veiled references that mean everything to anyone aside).  Sen Obama must walk a tight rope of Senator and candidate while traveling abroad on the taxpayer dime. 

    In the end, this trip is a taxpayer funded campaign stop, especially with the networks in tow.  Sen Obama’s is looking to add to his resume with pictures of foreign dignitaries and currently deployed military personnel.   However, even with the technological advances in media since Nixon, the fact remains that you can not photo shop a President.  Informed voters can always spot the 5 o’clock shadow and are always turned off by it.