Wall Street Hands Voters A Reality Check

The optimism of November 4 has been replaced by the simple reality of life. 

After plunging almost 500 points today,  having it’s 12th largest loss in history,  and being the worst plunge on the day after an election ever,  the stock market brought reality back to Americans.  Investors, a category anyone with a 401k falls into, were rightly skeptical of what an Obama Presidency will bring in terms of economic change.  Anyone who read his policy statements, there are only three of us, are not surprised by this drop.  Why invest money to make more money when you were told outright that the more you make the more you will have taken away from you by candidate Obama? 

Obama has already prepared the nation for his failures and his next run for the White House.  Forever the politician, Obama, in his acceptance speech last night, stated that it may take longer than 1 year or even 1 term to fix the “problems” in America.  Not quite the optimism his supporters wanted but as usual they were not listening to the words only the cadence with which he spoke.  But looking at the stock market today, Wall Street heard him and acted accordingingly. 

Reality is a bitter pill.


41% of Americans made Thomas Jefferson Proud

Congrats to Barack Obama.

Unfortunately for him his dreams of change and hope now must meet reality.  When he ascends to his media given throne in January the realities he faces will be much harder than he could imagine and thus he will be a one term President.  I guarantee that based on his proposals during the campaign and the stunning lack of knowledge most voters had about this man. 

As I say this don’t think it is sour grapes on my part.  While I do not support Obama and his “teach the world to sing in perfect harmony” view of the world,  I can admire, at least, his place in history.  I still believe in America and as John McCain stated repeatedly throughout the campaign, It will always be COUNTRY first. 

The most troubling thing about this election, however, was not the tit for tat attacks both campaigns had but what little information voters actually tried to find out about the candidates.  I can only assume Democrats once again love exit polls today as they were used by every network last night, and really throughout the campaign, to decide the winner.  Based on these exit polls, voters apparently showed up to vote yesterday for reasons other than issues.  A stunning 59% of voters, more than half for those who don’t know math either, cast a ballot based on something other than issues.  This includes Republicans as well as Democrats but mostly Democrats, since they filled out 64% of the exit polls to 34% for Republicans. 

What does this mean?

Probably for the first time in our history the voters elected a man based on nothing more than personality and rhetoric.  Never before, in recent history,  has a President been elected when the pundits were at a loss to describe what his agenda might be for the nation.  Voters seemed to not care about the what and why issue but rather solely focused on the who.  To me that is the scariest part of this election. 

Additionally, I read a report from CNN that stated race had nothing to do with this election.  This was the paragraph after they stated that 96% of black voters sided with Obama.  No not a factor at all!  Yes, some of the 59% who voted based on something other than issues were the ignorant among us who still harbor racist tendencies but let’s be honest, race was a factor but not in the way the pundits predicted.   But this is not to say that Obama should not be judged by the content of his character as Martin Luther King, Jr. wanted.  Obama attracted a wide range of support because of his life story, even if that story still raises significant questions. 

Thomas Jefferson spoke and wrote at length aboout an educated elecorate.  In his musings he advocated educating every citizen in America.  He stated that if we were ever at a crossroads in our history where the citizens were not enlightened enough to exercise their rights responsibly the remedy would not be to take those rights away but rather to focus on education as a cure.  After 59% of the people voted for something other than the candidates stands on issues, I would say that we are now at a crossroad in our history. 


Why Unions Matter

Attens,card ding the town hall meeting at the Scranton Cultural Center was a great experience.  As the first Republican to address the Irish Presidential Forum, McCain was praised for his continued support of Irish issues and McCain pledged to work to keep peace in Ireland as President.  The event with McCain included a few questions from the audience and lasted about one hour. 

As we left the Cultural Center we were greeted with protesters for Obama.  Unlike people with real convictions however, these protesters were paid.  One guy was only too happy to announce that calling John McCain a traitor and Sarah Palin’s children whores was his job.  Others were paid representatives of the SEIU, union reps.  These people were given paid time off of work to protest John McCain and his candidacy.   By the way did I mention most of them were eating their lunch?

Protest is fine, from people with convictions.  But the robots I saw in Scranton were nothing more than paid hypocrites who argue for representation in the workplace but fight for an open ballot system of voting, known as card check which Sen Obama supports,  that uses fear to install unions in the workplace by not allowing a basic freedom, the freedom of expression.  ( For those not familiar, card check would allow union reps to pressure people to sign a card publicly in favor of a union.  These cards would then be used in place of a secret ballot system currently used to install a union.  Once in place the union reps would know exactly who voted for the union and essential allow them to put pressure on management to get rid of those non believers.) 

But the paid protesters also showed me why unions matter.   Out of 17 protesters, 10 were SEIU reps( 9 of which were eating lunch), 4 were Move On paid reps, 1 was a photographer and 2 were given signs coming out of class at the University of Scranton.  Which just goes to show that without union paid representatives, Obama lacks more than just experience and plans for America, he also lacks support.

Veep Stakes:The Sequel

As we all marvel over the amount of calories it takes to fuel the human machine that is Michael Phelps,  let us also add the new names that have popped up in Obama’s VP circle to our wonderment.  For instance,  Al Gore.  Or how about John Kerry.  Even Oprah has been given the nod by pundits struggling with the lack of Obama news this week.  Is it just a coincidence that Obama is on vacation and the media has also taken a vacation from reporting on the election? 

In any case, I sat glued to my television last night as I heard John Kerry’s name and VP in the same sentence.  Surely this was a joke.  I mean Obama could be considering Clinton, Biden, or Sebelius.   Even Richardson or Dodd.  But Kerry?  The man who lost against Bush in 2004?  Lost the election that was impossible to lose? Lost the election that inspired young people?  That John Kerry?  Should Bush and McCain just set up a time to hand over keys now or should we go through the motions? 

I realize Kerry’s name is probably no more than smoke and mirrors but why bother at this point.  Obama’s choice will happen in the next week, everyone knows it.  I’m not even sure Clinton is out yet,  although the fact that her name will be brought up on the convention floor could stick a thorn in Obama’s side bigger than he agreed to in the deal.   http://wcbstv.com/cbsnational/clinton.obama.nomination.2.795061.html

Obama’s choice will undoubtedly be someone as high minded as himself, someone who supports change as much as he does, and someone as gifted at acting as he is.  Perhaps George Clooney really is on the list.

Kennedy endorsement

So Hilary isn’t liberal enough? The Kennedys put their ultra liberal stamp on the Obama for Change campaign yesterday in a speech that went something like this–“change……change…….change…….Obama……change…..change…..”etc on and on.  How many times did he have to practice the word change? Ted Kennedy who has voted against change so often that he is one of the most entrenched Congressmen in the country. His solutions consist of money and more money.  He has led the partisan effort,with few exceptions, for the Democrats for decades. Add this endorsement to the “I did support the war before I was against it” endorsement of John Kerry and the “I never supported a candidate before now,but it certainly isn’t because he’s black” endorsement of Oprah and you have the making of the most hypocritical campaign of the election season.   

This endorsement was simply a political move by the Kennedys to get themselves reelected for years to come by hitching their wagon to a cute word that resonates with the youth vote. There is no substance to their endorsement and if Obama becomes President and tries to push through any of the programs he has endorsed, like school vouchers, the Kennedys will be the first to distance themselves from him.  The Kennedys and other Democrats will always vote to throw money at a problem and Obama does not have the guts to stand up to Ted Kennedy when enacting new ideas.

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Amnesty! Ouch, it hurts to say it. 12 million people who didn’t follow the rules are now allowed in this country and English is a second language. The borders are still open and border agents are still being overwhelmed. How did we let it get this far? Oh yeah, we did NOTHING!

That is how the current debate is going in Washington and around the country. It seems we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t! Locally, Mayor Lou from Hazelton,PA has tried to do something but he was called a racist because he must have been talking only about 1 ethnic group. Better yet, he was told it wasn’t his territory to enforce or enact immigration standards. Nationally, Bush has tried, McCain has tried(together w/ Dems) but still we are facing a huge crisis because no one can agree. Eventually, we will have to face facts, 12 million people cannot be shipped on planes,trains or automobiles  back to their homeland.  Eventually,some sort of amnesty deal will have to happen. But it does not have to be a horrible thing, it can be good for America. How?

First, we close the borders before amnesty takes place. We have to do this no matter what or any plan will fail. Follow the legal paths to get in and a WELCOME TO THE USA sign will greet you upon entry. Stop the backwards argument about “what about the people following legal paths now? “. That’s an appeasement argument made to get votes. Legal paths exist and should be enforced starting today. When the borders are closed there is no argument about how you come to the United States.

Second, it can unite Americans to finally embrace English as a national language. A debate a couple hundred years in the making, we can but aside our idiotic convictions that people lose who they are when they lose their language. Families will still practice their cultural traditions but Americans can finally stop buying T-shirts that say “Why the hell should I press 1 for English?” and alienating whole segments of the population we pass on the street.

Third, Americans can once again celebrate their patriotism without being called a racist. There was a time when if you entered the country you had to know the Pledge of Allegiance and a rudimentary history of the USA. Now we live in a time when practicing patriotism is equivalent to racism. America can only survive as long as its people know her history and practices. July 4 is a pretty important date here in the states. May 5, not so much. Flying the flag should be the rule not the exception. And go ahead fly the Italian,Mexican, German, etc.. flag too, just under the American flag because we should be Americans first, nationalists second.

Fourth, Americans will be able to embrace the future without a sense of dread. America was built on an idea, that’s it, nothing more. The founders and settlers of America moved forward with this idea through all challenges because they embraced what was ahead. They had their debates and they moved on with their lives with a clear purpose and one national goal. To be sure there were times when this didn’t work out so well and times when the debate was swept under the rug for a later generation (IE the Civil War can be traced back to inaction on the issue of slavery by the founders). But for the most part the idea that America would only last if we worked together as one nation united, trumped all other ideas about individuality in the sea of diversity that America promised. Today, there seems to be no sense of future because we mired in debates about who belongs and who doesn’t. What is right and what is wrong. Who will we offend and who will we appease.  The future will come, we can’t stop it. How we look forward to the future largely determines its outcome.

As Americans we only need to focus on something and we can do it as a nation. Amnesty may not seem the best solution, but if we do it correctly, America can become stronger at home and abroad.