On to the General

With Hilary’s super delegate lead gone it seems that Obama will be the nominee in the general election.  While her passing from this race is probably long overdue,  her presence will be missed. 

While on the campaign trail, Sen Clinton gave voters the show of their lives.  Visiting every small and forgotten town throughout the primaries, perhaps her biggest legacy will be how to campaign.  In contrast to Sen Obama’s campaign, which pontificated from on high until the last minute,  Sen Clinton got out there and did everything short of taking out my trash on Thursdays,  a move that no doubt would have earned her even more votes from hard working middle class Americans.  Sen Clinton’s and her husband’s love for the campaign trail will be missed as we head toward November.  The last best chance of the Democrats is gone, R.I.P.   

As we move towards the general election let us not forget all of the wonderful things the Democrats have given all of America in this primary election cycle.  First, they have shown us that all votes matter,  unless you are a resident of Michigan or Florida who went against the politburo (sorry, party) and are being left out of the nomination process because Howard Dean said so.  Second,  the patriotism of Sen Obama, who loves his country so much he did not even denounce his pastor, Rev Wright, until it got personal.  His pastor’s words are an inspiration to all America hating countries around the world.  Third,  the awakening of America’s middle class, who before this election viewed their religion and guns as rights and now see that they are mere crutches that keep them sane through troubled times.  Fourth,  the end of racism, traditional or reverse, in America.  No longer can Americans be called racist after Sen Obama becomes the nominee.  His nomination shows that he is above race,  but if 90%+ of black voters turn out to vote for him that’s just a coincidence.  Some first time endorsements would never come just because of race of gender,  that’s a ridiculousidea.  And finally,  we should never forget the inconvenient truth,  delegates, not the popular vote win elections.  As we saw the Democrats run for office they did not focus on the minor distraction of the popular vote.  After all, George Bush stole the election with delegates, not the popular vote.  The biggest argument in the Democratic party was who had the most delegates and more importantly the almighty Super Delegates.  The popular vote was ranked third in their must win categories, at the ready if needed but rarely talked about. 

So as we move on to the general election, let us thank the Democrats for nominating a candidate who truly understands America and her people.  For a unifying force rather than a divider.  And finally for a candidate who can run on issues and experience,  not hopes and dreams.