An amazing choice! John McCain has once again proven that he is committed to reform by choosing Alaska’s governor, Sarah Palin, as his VP nominee.  Not only is Sarah Palin’s personal story exciting, her time in politics has shown that she is 100% to reform. 

Palin’s personal story is filled with interests ranging from basketball to hunting.  She worked with her husband as a commercial fisherman, ran as a beauty contestant, and was a sports journalist.  She enjoys hockey and has been a lifelong member of the NRA.  Her family is large, 5 children, the last born in April. 

Politically, Palin is the first woman governor of Alaska, the first person to serve as governor that was born after Alaska was granted statehood,  was mayor and served on city council.  She has traveled overseas, probably more than Obama, to visit wounded soldiers and one of her sons is set to be deployed to Iraq in September.  Palin’s accomplishments in Alaska dwarf Obama’s time in the Senate.  She has killed pork barrel projects including the Bridge to Nowhere and passed ethics reform in Alaska that effectively ended the political career of many Republicans.  She believes that abortion issues are not above her pay grade, taking a firm pro-life stance.  She also passed a constitutional ban on gay marriage but signed into law benefits for homosexual couples.  And unlike the current Senate, has passed a budget in the amount of $6.6 billion that included several hundred cuts in wasteful programs totaling over $200 million. 

Sen Obama and Sen Biden say that they will change Washington and argue that only they can make real change.  Sen Obama even attacked John McCain in his speech last night by saying that McCain voted with Bush 90% of the time (Biden says 95%) and that only gives Americans a 10% chance of change under a McCain administration.  Yet Sen Biden and Sen Obama have voted with their party 96% of the time, leaving roughly a 4% chance of real reform.  I’ve been out of school for awhile now but 10% is still higher than 4% as far as I know.  If Sen Obama is elected, all we may have left is change, in our pockets, to borrow a line from Governor Pawlenty. 

With the addition of Sarah Palin to the McCain ticket, the Republicans have effectively shown that they are the party of real reform.  Democrats can talk the game but what have they done to prove it.  McCain and Palin have worked throughout their careers to change the way government runs and have the record to prove it. Now that’s change I believe in.


Best of Both Worlds

The following is how Sen Obama sings the Hannah Montana song, The Best of Both Worlds, in his head. 


 I got a limo out front,

Hottest suits, every tie, every color

Yeah, running as a moderate can be kinda fun

It’s really me but the voters never discover

In Congress  I’m just like all my peeps

But while campaigning I’m a star


I’ve got the best of both worlds

I chill out,  take a vote

Then I spin the results

I’ve got the best of both worlds

mix them both together

And I know that I can be the best of both worlds

I go to a deadbeat Congress (was that Hilary Clinton?)

Hear my words on the nightly news

Being Liberal and Moderate can be kinda weird

But campaigning’s cool ’cause nobody cares

Yeah I get to be a small time Senator

But President if I play both sides right


I’ve got the best of both worlds

I chill out,  take a vote

Then I spin the results

I’ve got the best of both worlds

mix them both together

And I know that I can be the best of both worlds

Democrat and Moderate

I’ve got to spin a position on both sides

I hope voters never see that

I get to be whoever I want to be I am the best…I’m the most Liberal…yeah, the most moderate

I never thought that guy like me

Could double as a moderate

I’ve got the best of both worlds

I chill out, take a vote

Then I spin the results

I’ve got the best of both worlds

mix them both together

And I know that I’m the best

I’ve got the best of both worlds

On this and that I can say anything

I give the best of both worlds

I’m so much better

When voters don’t know I’m running 

with the best of both worlds


Energy, campaign finance, Iraq, immigration, Rev Wright—just a sample of the issues Sen Obama has been switching his positions on since he started campaigning.  Truly he is the candidate of change–changing positions.

Kerry advises Obama: “Flip Flop on Iraq”

Sen Obama now concedes that the war on terror may have to continue despite his promise to end the war immediately after being sworn in as President.  In statements made last week he criticized President Bush for having too many troops in Iraq and not enough in Afghanistan while also saying that he will continue to refine his policy on Iraq.  Does this sound like another Senator who ran for President 4 years ago?

The Kerryesque flip flop of Sen Obama is just the latest change of policy for the would be nominee.  However, this one is big!  Sen Obama drew thousands of college age kids and disgruntled voters to his side by saying he would end the war in Iraq immediately by moving troops out of Iraq during his first days as President.  He is proud to say he never supported the war (despite his being a Senator in Illinois and in no position to vote on authorization when the war started but has since authorized more troops and money with his votes in the Senate) and beat Hilary in the primaries by being the non-proliferation candidate.  Now that he is the nominee, Sen Obama is taking it on the chin from the success the surge has had in Iraq and he knows that as troops are redeployed to Afghanistan to stop the insurgency there that he will look like a fool on this issue.  Hence his flip flop on the issue. 

His defenders are sure to come to his aide, as they have in the last few days, by saying hat Sen Obama is being “misunderstood” by the media and his opponents.  They will say that, despite his words, he is still “committed” to the policies that won him the nomination.  And they will share Sen Obama’s vision of “change” and “hope” to pacify those supporters who like catchy words.  In light of recent statements made by Obama,  his supporters should actually be saying that they “misunderstood change and hope he is committed” to being a Senator, because he’s not the candidate they voted for in the primaries.

Kennedy endorsement

So Hilary isn’t liberal enough? The Kennedys put their ultra liberal stamp on the Obama for Change campaign yesterday in a speech that went something like this–“change……change…….change…….Obama……change…..change…..”etc on and on.  How many times did he have to practice the word change? Ted Kennedy who has voted against change so often that he is one of the most entrenched Congressmen in the country. His solutions consist of money and more money.  He has led the partisan effort,with few exceptions, for the Democrats for decades. Add this endorsement to the “I did support the war before I was against it” endorsement of John Kerry and the “I never supported a candidate before now,but it certainly isn’t because he’s black” endorsement of Oprah and you have the making of the most hypocritical campaign of the election season.   

This endorsement was simply a political move by the Kennedys to get themselves reelected for years to come by hitching their wagon to a cute word that resonates with the youth vote. There is no substance to their endorsement and if Obama becomes President and tries to push through any of the programs he has endorsed, like school vouchers, the Kennedys will be the first to distance themselves from him.  The Kennedys and other Democrats will always vote to throw money at a problem and Obama does not have the guts to stand up to Ted Kennedy when enacting new ideas.

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