Slim to None

That’s Obama’s chances in PA on Tuesday.  In under 48 hours, Sen Obama’s campaign will move on to another state glad to be rid of the bitter Americans that reside in PA.  Despite his outspending Sen Clinton 3 to 1 on ads through the last six weeks of the primary,  Sen Obama can’t compete in the Keystone state.  Recent statements Sen Obama made about rural America and also his link to terrorists and Rev Wright,  have shown the people of PA and the nation his true policy objectives. 

So after six weeks of campaigning and a vacation,  I will say a fond farewell to Sen Obama and his campaign  of despair and hopelessness.  After managing to destroy America’s past, present and future in speeches and TV ads in just six weeks,  I can’t think how America will look after 4 years of an Obama Presidency. 


Annie Oakley’s roundup

As scared as I am of the two Democrats running for President succeeding, I can’t help but admire the political prowess of Sen Clinton.  This weekend she went door to door in Scranton,PA asking for votes.  Desperation?  Maybe, but it worked! 

While Sen Obama spent the weekend defending his “bitter” Americans comment,  his supporters were answering their doors to find Sen Clinton standing there with hat in hand.  In at least one publicized story,  a man who had been an Obama supporter, not by name only but with a yard sign to show his support, switched his vote to Sen Clinton after she showed up to ask him for his vote.   It’s hard not to admire the door to door campaigning of a former First Lady even if you disagree with her platform.  Of course she is only swaying bitter gun clinging Pennsylvanians with this tactic but even they know how much their vote counts on April 22. 

Annie Oakley may have stopped just short of bringing a case of beer and a round of bullets with her as she visited homes in Scranton this weekend, but her message was the same–“I’m more like you than Sen Obama!”.  After spending most of her campaign trying to figure out how to get that message across, perhaps she should thank her opponent for giving her the best opportunity she has had to show off her “common man” talents.  And while the path to my house is blocked with McCain signs, at least I know that if she does show up to talk politics, Sen Clinton won’t be offended if I offer her a cold one as we sit and discuss all the bad policy decisions her husband made regarding gun control.