Voting in Ohio–Step One:Sit on A Park Bench. Congratulations! You Now Live Here

A Federal judge in Ohio ruled on Tuesday that park benches and other locations that were not buildings could be used as addresses for homeless people so that they could vote next Tuesday. 

U.S. District Judge Edmund Sargus allowed the listing of park benches as addresses for homeless people in the settlement of a suit involving the Secretary of State for Ohio, Jennifer Bruner and the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless (Ne.O.C.H.?).  While there is little detail about how the judge came to this decision, I can only imagine his notes were filled with doodles that say I (Heart) Obama,  Obama and Sargus-TLA, and stuffed inside the docket was a folded up note that read “Barack, Harry, Nancy and Barney, meet me outside the courthouse during lunch! I can’t wait!”.  The floodgates are now open for more voter fraud in Ohio than ever before.  Buses are probably already being rented by the Obamats to take up “residency” in Ohio on election day. 

But enough of the negatives.  The upside of this ruling is that since these people are no longer homeless and “own” a piece of “property”, they must pay income tax on the assessed value of their “property”.  Tax bases across Ohio should swell as “locationally disabled” people take up residence in parks across Ohio.  Rules will obviously have to be followed, first street rules then from the legislative branches of government, on how one acquires these pieces of property and how they will in turn be able to sell them.  I’m thinking squatters rights apply initially, at least until after Nov 4.  In addition to this the housing market should see a significant upswing in the state in the months of October and November as residency is established at “Public Bench 1929″ thus providing Wall Street with the much needed good news to sustain positive numbers for an entire week.  By the way, what are the taxes on a 6x4x2 bench in the middle of Cleveland?

This ruling is BOGUS!!!!  Park benches,sidewalks and heating grates are not viable locations to take up a residence.  As sad as the homeless situation may be Barack Obama has yet to take one ” locationally disabled” person into his home and Joe Biden only gave .2% ($398) of his salary to charity last year.  So how much do they care about these people? 

This is about votes and the Democrats feeling that they are OWED an election because of 2000.  But where was the popular vote argument in their primary?  This is about votes and the Democrats feeling that they must be the first party to put a black man in the White House to make their party platforms of inclusion viable again. 

Well, all I can say is–see you in Ohio on election day.  I’ll be the “homeless man” on the bench at the mall.


Obama and the American Dream

Letter to the editor, Times Leader newspaper in Wilkes Barre, 08/29/2008 by pa4mccain


An amazing choice! John McCain has once again proven that he is committed to reform by choosing Alaska’s governor, Sarah Palin, as his VP nominee.  Not only is Sarah Palin’s personal story exciting, her time in politics has shown that she is 100% to reform. 

Palin’s personal story is filled with interests ranging from basketball to hunting.  She worked with her husband as a commercial fisherman, ran as a beauty contestant, and was a sports journalist.  She enjoys hockey and has been a lifelong member of the NRA.  Her family is large, 5 children, the last born in April. 

Politically, Palin is the first woman governor of Alaska, the first person to serve as governor that was born after Alaska was granted statehood,  was mayor and served on city council.  She has traveled overseas, probably more than Obama, to visit wounded soldiers and one of her sons is set to be deployed to Iraq in September.  Palin’s accomplishments in Alaska dwarf Obama’s time in the Senate.  She has killed pork barrel projects including the Bridge to Nowhere and passed ethics reform in Alaska that effectively ended the political career of many Republicans.  She believes that abortion issues are not above her pay grade, taking a firm pro-life stance.  She also passed a constitutional ban on gay marriage but signed into law benefits for homosexual couples.  And unlike the current Senate, has passed a budget in the amount of $6.6 billion that included several hundred cuts in wasteful programs totaling over $200 million. 

Sen Obama and Sen Biden say that they will change Washington and argue that only they can make real change.  Sen Obama even attacked John McCain in his speech last night by saying that McCain voted with Bush 90% of the time (Biden says 95%) and that only gives Americans a 10% chance of change under a McCain administration.  Yet Sen Biden and Sen Obama have voted with their party 96% of the time, leaving roughly a 4% chance of real reform.  I’ve been out of school for awhile now but 10% is still higher than 4% as far as I know.  If Sen Obama is elected, all we may have left is change, in our pockets, to borrow a line from Governor Pawlenty. 

With the addition of Sarah Palin to the McCain ticket, the Republicans have effectively shown that they are the party of real reform.  Democrats can talk the game but what have they done to prove it.  McCain and Palin have worked throughout their careers to change the way government runs and have the record to prove it. Now that’s change I believe in.

Veep Stakes

The polls have stalled.  As of today,  there is no clear leader in the race to be the next President.  Voters are ready for the next big thing in this race, the VP picks. 

In previous elections, the choice of VP was seen as mostly insignificant.  What did Al Gore bring to the table?  Did Kerry take North Carolina with Edwards on the ticket?  Who thought Cheney was on the short list?  But this election is different and the VP choice WILL affect the outcome of this election. 

John McCain will benefit from his choice of VP much more than Sen Obama.  For voters, Sen McCain’s choice is more about who will balance the ticket.  For voters on the right that means a candidate with more conservative views than McCain.  For independents that means a candidate who shares most of McCain’s views but can also add something, such as experience or knowledge in economics, to the ticket.  And for Democrats unsure about Obama, it is a candidate who will not go too far right on issues important to them.  And let’s face it, no matter how healthy McCain is, all voters are looking at the number 2 guy as a possible replacement. 

For voters looking at Sen Obama and his VP choice, it is more about who will add the most to the ticket without highlighting the inexperience of a first term Senator.  Independent voters are looking at Obama’s choice as their key.  Independents who like his message of change and hope want a VP with the same wide eyed view of the world but has been around politics longer than the top name on the ticket.  Independents  who are undecided because of Obama’s inexperience and worry about his message of hope and change are looking for a VP who will keep Obama grounded in reality as he tries to run the nation, possibly someone they feel will hold him back a little.  Those on the left who are unsure about Sen Obama will be looking for a candidate who will be able to keep Obama focused on the issues important to the party.  And everyone is looking for a VP who has seen and experienced the world for longer than 9 days. 

Obama will have a harder time choosing a VP that will help him win as well because he has placed himself on such a high pedestal.  With soaring speeches infused with whimsical rhetoric, Sen Obama has captivated audiences and the media.  His VP choice will have to bottle some of this magic as well if he or she wants to be an asset to the Democratic ticket.  He or she will also have to be able to explain Sen Obama’s policies, a task not many surrogates can do on the talk show circuit without resorting to talking points. 

The influence of Dick Cheney will be felt in this election as both candidates struggle with the VP choice.  Just as Hilary wandered into politics as First Lady and redefined that role, Dick Cheney (for better or worse, depending on your thinking) redefined the role of the VP under Bush.  Both candidates need a strong choice to motivate voters to cast ballots in their favor.  For Sen Obama that task will prove to be more difficult as he tries to find someone who will not upstage him or his message.  For Sen McCain the task is to find someone to compliment him and his message.  The advantage is clearly with McCain as the Veep Stakes continues. 

(It’s going to be Romney for McCain!, and Clinton is a huge risk for Obama that won’t help him in the end)

Senor or Monsieur Obama?

Senor Obama, can you please explain to me why children need to be taught Spanish? 

English is spoken in 104 countries around the world.  It is estimated that up to 25% of the WORLD’s population could understand and /or speak some English.  It is a language most people use when traveling to foreign countries, not just Americans and it is also used diplomatically around the world.  While English does not have the most native speakers in the world,  Chinese and Hindi have more native speakers,  it does have more native speakers than the Spanish language.  It is also an official (not national) language in 52 countries around the world. 

Nations In Which English Is An Official Language
(Source: Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia, 2002)

  1. Antigua and Barbuda

  2. Australia

  3. Barbados

  4. Belize

  5. Botswana

  6. Cameroon

  7. Canada

  8. Dominica

  9. Federated States of Micronesia
  10. Fiji Islands

  11. Ghana

  12. Grenada

  13. Guyana

  14. India

  15. Ireland

  16. Jamaica

  17. Kenya

  18. Kiribati

  1. Lesotho

  2. Liberia

  3. Malawi

  4. Malta

  5. Marshall Islands

  6. Mauritius

  7. Namibia

  8. New Zealand

  9. Nigeria

  10. Palau

  11. Papua New Guinea

  12. Philippines

  13. Rwanda

  14. Saint Lucia

  15. Samoa

  16. Sierra Leone

  17. Singapore

  18. Solomon Islands

  1. South Africa

  2. Saint Kitts and Nevis

  3. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

  4. Swaziland

  5. Tanzania

  6. The Bahamas

  7. The Gambia

  8. Tonga

  9. Trinidad and Tobago

  10. Tuvalu

  11. Uganda

  12. United Kingdom

  13. United States

  14. Vanuatu

  15. Zambia

  16. Zimbabwe

English is also used in 75% of all communications and 90% of internet traffic is in English.  More than half of the radio programs worldwide are broadcast in English.  And while we may never know or speak all of them,  English trumps all other languages in the number of words available to its speakers to express themselves,  Spanish has fewer than 100,000 words. 

Additionally Monsieur Obama,  Americans do not expect foreign citizens to speak only English as they travel the globe just as foreigners don’t expect Americans to know their language as they travel our land.  That is like saying the French expect the Italians to speak French when they are traveling in their country.  People in other countries are taught English as a means to interact with each other,  not just to appease those Americans. 

 You are correct in saying that Americans should learn a foreign language,  Latin was my choice and while I can’t speak it the lessons helped me gather English word meanings and spellings more than I can count.  But you are wrong in saying that Americans are ignorant because they don’t learn a second language for business or travel.    Americans should learn a foreign language they are interested in for personal as well as their own cultural reasons.   Spanish should not be forced on every American child or adult just so that they can speak to their neighbors who asked to be citizens in this country.

No one should ever feel like a foreigner in their own country, but I fear more Americans are beginning to feel that way as they continue to have to press 1 for English.  So consider this Sen Obama the next time you are on the phone and are asked to press 1 for English. When the Chinese and Germans came to this country at the turn of the last century, they were not given the courtesy of pressing 2 for Chinese or German.  They learned English and their culture lived on and became part of America today. 

Note: this will not be translated into Spanish and facts were found at

Kerry advises Obama: “Flip Flop on Iraq”

Sen Obama now concedes that the war on terror may have to continue despite his promise to end the war immediately after being sworn in as President.  In statements made last week he criticized President Bush for having too many troops in Iraq and not enough in Afghanistan while also saying that he will continue to refine his policy on Iraq.  Does this sound like another Senator who ran for President 4 years ago?

The Kerryesque flip flop of Sen Obama is just the latest change of policy for the would be nominee.  However, this one is big!  Sen Obama drew thousands of college age kids and disgruntled voters to his side by saying he would end the war in Iraq immediately by moving troops out of Iraq during his first days as President.  He is proud to say he never supported the war (despite his being a Senator in Illinois and in no position to vote on authorization when the war started but has since authorized more troops and money with his votes in the Senate) and beat Hilary in the primaries by being the non-proliferation candidate.  Now that he is the nominee, Sen Obama is taking it on the chin from the success the surge has had in Iraq and he knows that as troops are redeployed to Afghanistan to stop the insurgency there that he will look like a fool on this issue.  Hence his flip flop on the issue. 

His defenders are sure to come to his aide, as they have in the last few days, by saying hat Sen Obama is being “misunderstood” by the media and his opponents.  They will say that, despite his words, he is still “committed” to the policies that won him the nomination.  And they will share Sen Obama’s vision of “change” and “hope” to pacify those supporters who like catchy words.  In light of recent statements made by Obama,  his supporters should actually be saying that they “misunderstood change and hope he is committed” to being a Senator, because he’s not the candidate they voted for in the primaries.

Resume Building for Idiots

Sen Obama is heading overseas this summer on a quest to add foreign affairs experience to his resume.  In July  he will head to Britain, France, Germany, Israel and Jordan to discuss terrorism, nuclear proliferation and climate change.  All of this in an effort to write a speech that includes foreign policy initiatives and look Presidential (hopefully he’ll wear a tie). 

Obama’s supporters will see this as brilliant and groundbreaking policy while blasting McCain for his trips to Mexico, Columbia and (recently) Canada.  What Obama’s supporters won’t talk about is how their candidate will not go to Iraq because he knows that once there he will have to say something good about the progress being made in that country.  They will also not concede the fact that Obama’s trip is purely a show, designed only for foreign policy photo ops, while McCain’s trips have to do with real issues, such as immigration and the economy  and trade. 

Obama knows that as November inches closer he will need something to point to on his resume.  In debates, when faced with foreign policy questions, he will not be able to answer ” When I was in this country….” or “Having met with this leader or that leader….”, whereas McCain will be able to cite 20 years + of foreign affairs meetings.  In discussions about the economy, Obama can’t cite specific things he has supported or introduced into the legislature as a Senator because he has no specific experience on the issue, nor has he talked to the leaders of any foreign nation about how to stop or stem illegal immigration.  McCain, on the other hand, can point to specific decisions he has made in the Senate and cite discussions with foreign leaders about immigration and it’s effect on the US economy.  And while all of McCain’s decisions and legislative attempts have not been popular or passed, at least he put his neck out to try to enact reform,  not just talk about it as if it were the Holy Grail. 

So as Sen Obama prepares to talk about the weather with European heads of state,  let’s hope he packs a tie for those photo ops.  Afterall, those pictures will look good framed when he redecorates his junior Senator’s office come November. 

Obama-I am not a Muslim!!-Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

Sen Obama has done it again, and again, and again……..

Last week Sen Obama’s campaign turned away 2 Muslim women from his speaking engagement because it could have looked bad for Obama to be photographed with Muslims given the misinformation about Obama’s faith circulating on the Internet.  The same Obama campaign that said  “Obama is proud to have the support of millions of Americans of faith and looks forward to working across religious lines to bring our country together,”.  I’m not sure, how is this an action of “unity” nor do I see religious lines a stumbling block to national unity, this isn’t the Middle East after all!?

Also, Sen Obama recently unveiled his new Presidential seal which reveals the phrase “Vero Possumus” or “Truly, We are Able”.  The phrase replaces “E Pluribus Unum”, or Out of Many, One.  The change of phrase used by Obama must have delighted Loius Farrakhan and other activists who support Obama since they have criticized the nation’s motto in the past. for a picture of a bored Obama behind his new seal. 

Also, Sen Obama turned his back on one of his earliest promises in this campaign last week when he declined public financing for the election.  In refusing to accept public financing, Sen Obama said something like –It sounded like a good idea at the time but now I have all this cash from big donors so why would I want the public money?  Oh and he also said “broken system” and “change” when referring to the public financing system, making his supporters swoon with delight. 

And let us not forget that Sen Obama has said that all terrorists deserve rights and we should welcome them into our court system as we welcome all U.S. citizens.  It’s my guess that he is passing out the names of good lawyers to the inmates at Gitmo right now. 

My question is this WHO the hell is supporting this guy?  After doing and saying all of this ( in the past week) people are still lining up to hear him speak.  He has openly stated that he WILL raise taxes,  he WILL talk to terrorist nations as friends, and he WILL pull out of Iraq no matter what ground commanders say, and he WILL invade Pakistan and WILL go after anyone who makes “outrageous” profits in our economy, whatever “outrageous” profits are I don’t know.  Is no one listening to him?  Is the shiny penny of “change” too distracting? 

Obama has been saying that the Republicans are using fear to get votes.  I agree, playing any of Sen Obama’s speaches provides enough fear for anyoine who listens. 


The 1/2 Compromise

The Three-Fifths Compromise was a deal brokered at the Constitutional Convention over slavery.  It stated that slaves were to be counted as three-fifths of a person when it came to taxes and representation.  Stating in essence that blacks were less of a person than whites,  the Compromise established a racist view we are still correcting today through political correctness and Affirmative Action, among other things.

Voters in Florida and Michigan had their own compromise on Saturday when they were told that their votes would be counted as less than a vote in the Democratic Primaries.  In a move designed to bring together a fractured Democratic party, the DNC decided that each voter would be counted as half a person and delegates would be apportioned by half.  Even in Michigan were Obama did not even place because his name was not on the ballot,  both Hilary and Obama received delegates.  After months of stating that a rules violation was a rules violation and that neither state would be seated, Howard Dean and his DNC have now pandered to those states in an act of compromise to get votes in November. 

Apples to oranges? Maybe.  But the question remains, if Obama was in Hilary’s shoes, would the black leaders have cited the three-fifths compromise as a way to get a full seating of delegates given the racial divide that has manifested itself throughout the primary campaign?  Would we be hearing Obama supporters talk about the “typical white person” or bitter Americans if he were in her shoes? 

History is filled with “what ifs”.  Decisions that affected the country could have had a dramatically different outcome if they had been taken in another direction.  The Florida and Michigan decision is one of those decisions. Obama is the candidate as of today but will the voters in Floida and Michigan see him worthy of a full vote in November?

Mr Obama goes to Iraq,maybe

  Going into November, Sen Obama knows that he has no chance of winning if even a small percentage of independents look closely at his foreign policy experience or ideas.  This is the man who called Iran a minor threat after all and has said publicly that he will meet personally with the most despotic leaders of the world.  He has tried to compare himself to JFK and Reagan, who he believes negotiated peace with the Soviet Union and Cuba.  This historically flawed comparison highlights Sen Obama’s lack of experience and knowledge where foreign affairs are concerned. 

Sen McCain, on the other hand, has rightly pointed out that there is nothing “tiny” about the threat from Iran, Venezuala or Cuba.  Iran wants, and will acquire, nuclear materials and weapons if given enough time.  Venezuala controls most of the oil that comes to the US.  Cuba is still a communist country positioned a stones throw from our shores.   Sen McCain recognizes that sitting down and talking does nothing except prolong the inevitable.  

Successful diplomacy can only come from a position of strength, and that is where Sen Obama is historically flawed.  JFK resolved the Cuban missile crisis  by sending warships to Cuba, while keeping the channels of diplomacy open.  The Soviets blinked first in the military game of chicken JFK played and thus he was in a position to make demands of the USSR.  Similarly, Reagan built a massive military and continued deploying weapons around the world despite Soviet threats.  The Soviets tried to keep up and eventually became so financially strapped that they were forced to negotiate.  It was not until the Soviets blinked again that Reagan met with Gorbachev and bargained from a position of strength.  Neither JFK nor Reagan were looking for a common interest, as Obama has suggested.  Both Presidents were looking how to force the Soviets to blink first and come to a diplomatic arrangement hat in hand. 

When Neville Chamberlain stated that he had avoided war and declared peace in our time, he probably had no idea that Hitler was going to embark on his conquest of Europe.  However, Chamberlain’s policy of appeasement actually turned out to be the Achilles heal Hitler was looking for in Europe.  Iran,Cuba and Venezuala may be small countries but there is nothing tiny about the threat that they pose to America and her allies.  Sitting down with them will expose an Achilles heal Sen Obama is too naive to protect and too inexperienced to defend once it is shown.