41% of Americans made Thomas Jefferson Proud

Congrats to Barack Obama.

Unfortunately for him his dreams of change and hope now must meet reality.  When he ascends to his media given throne in January the realities he faces will be much harder than he could imagine and thus he will be a one term President.  I guarantee that based on his proposals during the campaign and the stunning lack of knowledge most voters had about this man. 

As I say this don’t think it is sour grapes on my part.  While I do not support Obama and his “teach the world to sing in perfect harmony” view of the world,  I can admire, at least, his place in history.  I still believe in America and as John McCain stated repeatedly throughout the campaign, It will always be COUNTRY first. 

The most troubling thing about this election, however, was not the tit for tat attacks both campaigns had but what little information voters actually tried to find out about the candidates.  I can only assume Democrats once again love exit polls today as they were used by every network last night, and really throughout the campaign, to decide the winner.  Based on these exit polls, voters apparently showed up to vote yesterday for reasons other than issues.  A stunning 59% of voters, more than half for those who don’t know math either, cast a ballot based on something other than issues.  This includes Republicans as well as Democrats but mostly Democrats, since they filled out 64% of the exit polls to 34% for Republicans. 

What does this mean?

Probably for the first time in our history the voters elected a man based on nothing more than personality and rhetoric.  Never before, in recent history,  has a President been elected when the pundits were at a loss to describe what his agenda might be for the nation.  Voters seemed to not care about the what and why issue but rather solely focused on the who.  To me that is the scariest part of this election. 

Additionally, I read a report from CNN that stated race had nothing to do with this election.  This was the paragraph after they stated that 96% of black voters sided with Obama.  No not a factor at all!  Yes, some of the 59% who voted based on something other than issues were the ignorant among us who still harbor racist tendencies but let’s be honest, race was a factor but not in the way the pundits predicted.   But this is not to say that Obama should not be judged by the content of his character as Martin Luther King, Jr. wanted.  Obama attracted a wide range of support because of his life story, even if that story still raises significant questions. 

Thomas Jefferson spoke and wrote at length aboout an educated elecorate.  In his musings he advocated educating every citizen in America.  He stated that if we were ever at a crossroads in our history where the citizens were not enlightened enough to exercise their rights responsibly the remedy would not be to take those rights away but rather to focus on education as a cure.  After 59% of the people voted for something other than the candidates stands on issues, I would say that we are now at a crossroad in our history. 



On to the General

With Hilary’s super delegate lead gone it seems that Obama will be the nominee in the general election.  While her passing from this race is probably long overdue,  her presence will be missed. 

While on the campaign trail, Sen Clinton gave voters the show of their lives.  Visiting every small and forgotten town throughout the primaries, perhaps her biggest legacy will be how to campaign.  In contrast to Sen Obama’s campaign, which pontificated from on high until the last minute,  Sen Clinton got out there and did everything short of taking out my trash on Thursdays,  a move that no doubt would have earned her even more votes from hard working middle class Americans.  Sen Clinton’s and her husband’s love for the campaign trail will be missed as we head toward November.  The last best chance of the Democrats is gone, R.I.P.   

As we move towards the general election let us not forget all of the wonderful things the Democrats have given all of America in this primary election cycle.  First, they have shown us that all votes matter,  unless you are a resident of Michigan or Florida who went against the politburo (sorry, party) and are being left out of the nomination process because Howard Dean said so.  Second,  the patriotism of Sen Obama, who loves his country so much he did not even denounce his pastor, Rev Wright, until it got personal.  His pastor’s words are an inspiration to all America hating countries around the world.  Third,  the awakening of America’s middle class, who before this election viewed their religion and guns as rights and now see that they are mere crutches that keep them sane through troubled times.  Fourth,  the end of racism, traditional or reverse, in America.  No longer can Americans be called racist after Sen Obama becomes the nominee.  His nomination shows that he is above race,  but if 90%+ of black voters turn out to vote for him that’s just a coincidence.  Some first time endorsements would never come just because of race of gender,  that’s a ridiculousidea.  And finally,  we should never forget the inconvenient truth,  delegates, not the popular vote win elections.  As we saw the Democrats run for office they did not focus on the minor distraction of the popular vote.  After all, George Bush stole the election with delegates, not the popular vote.  The biggest argument in the Democratic party was who had the most delegates and more importantly the almighty Super Delegates.  The popular vote was ranked third in their must win categories, at the ready if needed but rarely talked about. 

So as we move on to the general election, let us thank the Democrats for nominating a candidate who truly understands America and her people.  For a unifying force rather than a divider.  And finally for a candidate who can run on issues and experience,  not hopes and dreams.

Slim to None

That’s Obama’s chances in PA on Tuesday.  In under 48 hours, Sen Obama’s campaign will move on to another state glad to be rid of the bitter Americans that reside in PA.  Despite his outspending Sen Clinton 3 to 1 on ads through the last six weeks of the primary,  Sen Obama can’t compete in the Keystone state.  Recent statements Sen Obama made about rural America and also his link to terrorists and Rev Wright,  have shown the people of PA and the nation his true policy objectives. 

So after six weeks of campaigning and a vacation,  I will say a fond farewell to Sen Obama and his campaign  of despair and hopelessness.  After managing to destroy America’s past, present and future in speeches and TV ads in just six weeks,  I can’t think how America will look after 4 years of an Obama Presidency. 

Super Tuesday

Conservative or Liberal?  Democrat or Republican? It only matters if you vote.  If you stay at home today and don’t cast a ballot–SHUT UP!  Your opinion does not matter when national issues are discussed. 

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Romney is your boss

McCain WINS!!Everyone said he couldn’t do it because he wasn’t republican enough and yet here we are tonight.  After watching the concession speeches, I am positive about a few things.  One, Romney reminds me of every boss I’ve ever had or met while I was working. He is only interested in results and be damned all those who don’t produce! (such as the voters in FL). Or more simply, the people don’t matter, only the results. And two, had Giuliani been a contender in the early states, he would have changed the race,probably in his favor. His speech was impassioned and thought provoking as he was trying to bow out, but not quite yet, of the race. After hearing him speak, I have renewed faith he can be a force in the Republican party nationally.