Why Unions Matter

Attens,card ding the town hall meeting at the Scranton Cultural Center was a great experience.  As the first Republican to address the Irish Presidential Forum, McCain was praised for his continued support of Irish issues and McCain pledged to work to keep peace in Ireland as President.  The event with McCain included a few questions from the audience and lasted about one hour. 

As we left the Cultural Center we were greeted with protesters for Obama.  Unlike people with real convictions however, these protesters were paid.  One guy was only too happy to announce that calling John McCain a traitor and Sarah Palin’s children whores was his job.  Others were paid representatives of the SEIU, union reps.  These people were given paid time off of work to protest John McCain and his candidacy.   By the way did I mention most of them were eating their lunch?

Protest is fine, from people with convictions.  But the robots I saw in Scranton were nothing more than paid hypocrites who argue for representation in the workplace but fight for an open ballot system of voting, known as card check which Sen Obama supports,  that uses fear to install unions in the workplace by not allowing a basic freedom, the freedom of expression.  ( For those not familiar, card check would allow union reps to pressure people to sign a card publicly in favor of a union.  These cards would then be used in place of a secret ballot system currently used to install a union.  Once in place the union reps would know exactly who voted for the union and essential allow them to put pressure on management to get rid of those non believers.) 

But the paid protesters also showed me why unions matter.   Out of 17 protesters, 10 were SEIU reps( 9 of which were eating lunch), 4 were Move On paid reps, 1 was a photographer and 2 were given signs coming out of class at the University of Scranton.  Which just goes to show that without union paid representatives, Obama lacks more than just experience and plans for America, he also lacks support.


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