Lipstick Jungle

Senator Obama was unscripted gain yesterday when he said if you put lipstick on a pig it’s still a pig.  On the heels of what Governor Palin said during her acceptance speech, this comment seems directly aimed at the Republican VP candidate. 

Of course I understand the point that Obama was trying to make.  Pig is a code word for earmarks in Washington and Sen Obama, in his inexperienced way, was hopefully just trying to connect Governor Palin to pork barrel spending.  But Sen Obama was not talking about earmarks when he said it, he was discussing Senator McCain and Governor Palin’s views on changing Washington.  While obviously upset that Sen McCain is now seen more as the candidate of change than himself and his VP candidate that has been in Congress 10 years longer than McCain,  Sen Obama needed to do a better job of explaining what he meant in those if the cuff remarks. 

I will not say Sen Obama is playing the gender card, yet.  But he is obviously still at a loss on how to go after a McCain/Palin ticket that promotes the record of change each candidate has without exposing his own inexperience and lack of real reform.  Sen McCain and Governor Palin both have records readily available to the public that show how they fought corruption and enacted reform.  In the case of Senator McCain he has tried to enact reform, however controversial,  with leading Democrats on bills like McCain-Feingold and McCain-Kennedy, much to the dismay of his own party.  Governor Palin’s state checkbook is available to anyone in the country to view.  Sen Obama’s record is equally available but shows that he has enacted few if any bills and voted with his party over 95% of the time. 

The media seems to be struggling with the McCain/Palin ticket as well.  While some outlets have covered Obama’s “lipstick” remarks in passing,  most media outlets are concerning themselves with a game of “GOTCHA” when it comes to Sarah Palin’s record.  Every move or comment has been scrutinized in order to catch Palin and expose her flaws. 

On ABC’s Good Morning America, Brian Ross did a story about the controversy surrounding the Wasilla library.  It seems as Mayor, Sarah Palin asked the local librarian what she would do if the library was asked to remove books from it’s shelves, books that might be controversial.  The question was posed during a city council meeting and not in private, as some other reports might suggest.  The librarian was obviously against censorship and told the council this.  No books were ever removed nor was there ever a list of books to be removed as ABC did point out.  However, the ABC report left viewers wondering about this controversy and seemed to leave viewers with the impression that Palin wants to ban books. 

The piece also showed a pastor in the Assembly of God church giving a sermon this past week on homosexuals.  Brian Ross and ABC tied this sermon into the book controversy by highlighting 2 books, Go Ask Alice and Pastor,I’m Gay, as targets of the Palin inquiry.  Again, ABC left the impression that Palin is a member of this church.  The truth is that Sarah Palin is no longer a member of this church and has not been for almost 7 years.  Do they really want voters talking about crazy pastors again?


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  1. The report did state explicitly that she is no longer a member of that church.

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