Interdependence Day-Give me a Hug!

On the eve of the anniversary of Sept 11, it was announced today in our newspaper that there will be more events to commemorate Interdependence Day than events to remember 9/11.  What is Interdependence Day? 

First it is celebrated on September 12.  It is an annual event that started in 2003 to “celebrate and discuss the bonds between citizens of all parts of the world” and “call on world citizens to acknowledge and reflect on global interdependence” and “join together for a global civic society”.  (The Times Leader, Sept 10,2008 by Andrew Seder). 

Some of the events scheduled are as follows:

  • “Words that Hurt, Words that Heal: How to use Words Wisely and Well”
  • “Working,Learning and Living Together”


  • “Imagining an Interdependent World: Art as a Language for Justice”

Looking at these events I can only draw the conclusion that the people involved believe that if the world comes together and each of us embraces another, terror will be defeated and September 11 will never happen again.  The reality is that the people who want us dead will gladly accept an embrace if only to detonate themselves and assure another infidel is killed in the process.  

Please remember September 11 and forget the political correctness of Interdependence Day Sept 12.


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