Typical Obama Response

It is kind of sad that I could have written the Obama response to John McCain’s acceptance speech as early as last week.  Obama is continuing to link McCain with Bush and all of his responses, including the response to Sarah Palin’s speech, have been the same “voted 90% with Bush” line.   But what about the nagging fact that Sen Obama and Sen Biden have voted with the leaders of their party 96% of the time while John McCain has stuck with his party only 86% of the time.  

Obama also has criticized McCain and all of the speakers at the RNC for not saying the words middle class.  While Senators Obama and Biden continue to talk about the middle class and run their contest over who can say the words middle class more, Sen McCain is proposing tax credits, lower taxes and  reforms in government spending to help all Americans in the next four years. 

One other word on the speech and the response by Sen Obama and his supporters.  Last night several disgraceful and ignorant people tried to crash the convention and their acts were given a national spotlight. Free speech is a right everyone has, even the most ignorant among us, but it is not an excuse for the behavior of last night’s protesters or those on the streets in Minneapolis who tried to cause real damage to property and individuals.  I don’t see them as representative of all of Obama’s supporters but I have not heard one supporter or candidate try and distance themselves from them either.

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