On the 5th Day…

The media has been in a constant state of frenzy since John McCain chose Sarah Palin to be his running mate last Friday.  Who is this woman?, What about her lack of experience? , Has John McCain lost his mind?  are just some of the questions they have been asking.  But the media’s biggest problem is that, while they had attack pieces prepared, interviews lined up and fact checks already done for Gov Romney and Gov Pawlenty (the obvious,safe choices),  they had nothing prepared for Gov. Palin.  Hence we have the fifth day of breaking news. 

The latest news was reported this morning on ABC by Brian Ross.   While investigating any lead he or any other reporter could find, Ross uncovered the fact that Sarah Palin, as Mayor of Wasilla, fired the police chief.  Misleading the viewers into believing it was a political move, Ross delved into Palin’s long time member status in the NRA.  He cited her connections with the NRA as the reason Palin fired the Wasilla chief only noting later that a court upheld her right, as Mayor,  to fire “at will” the chief or any other person in a similar position.  Other allegations made by the chief about her political pandering to donors in town were also discredited by the court in their ruling. 

Mayors and Governors, and even the President and his staff, have a right to fire “at will” people in certain positions.  Employers across the country have this right as well.  A new employee usually works his/her first 90 days with a probationary status where they can be fired for any reason, no matter how small.  Palin’s actions in Wasilla,  it should be noted again, were well within her rights as Mayor.

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