Biden has a Bridge for Sale

Joe Biden is questioning John McCain’s judgement?  Saying that John McCain has been wrong on the most important national security issues of our time, Joe Biden cited a statement McCain made three years ago about violence in Afghanistan and how the US had succeeded there.  In promoting Sen Obama’s judgement, Biden only noted that a year ago Obama called for 2 more battalions to be sent to Afghanistan.   Biden also said that the Bush/McCain foreign policy neglected nations around the world, like Georgia, a new democracy as he called it, and ignored signs of an emerging Russian nation.  Biden also accused Bush/McCain of losing sight of the nuclear powered nations like Pakistan and the economic growth of China and India. 

What Biden neglected to mention in all of this was either his own judgement or that of his fearless leader, Obama.  Joe Biden’s judgement led him to vote AGAINST the first war in Iraq when Kuwait, a sovereign nation, was invaded by Sadaam Hussein’s army.  Joe Biden’s judgement led him to convince President Clinton to launch air strikes in Kosovo because of ethnic cleansing, not an imminent threat to the US or her interests.  It was Sen Biden whose judgement led him to vote for the Iraq war then denounce it and the now successful surge strategy.  It was also Sen Obama’s judgement to vocalize his opposition to the Iraq war at a time when he had no authority, as a state Senator, to vote for or against any action in Iraq.  It was also Obama’s judgement that led him to say that Iran and Cuba are too small to be real threats to the United States.  And it was Sen Obama’s judgement that led him to say that the troop surge in Iraq is not a success and attributes the reduction in violence to anyone other than our troops.

On the other hand, John McCain’s judgement led him to support the war in Iraq and Afghanistan for national security reasons.  Later, John McCain criticized the Bush administration, much to the dismay of his own party, for their handling of the war.  And still later, Sen McCain was the lone Republican to stand up and argue for a surge of troops in Iraq,  a stand so unpopular his own party stood against him.  It has been Sen McCain’s judgement that led him to denounce Russia’s invasion of Georgia immediately because he has been talking about Russia’s re emergence for a decade already.  It has been Sen McCain’s judgement that has led him to recognize Iran’s hateful rhetoric as the threat that it is and the penchant for destruction that country would have if it ever possessed nuclear weapons.  It was also John McCain’s judgement that helped him understand what an ally Pakistan, an country who has stood with America despite internal dissent, is in the war on terror.   It was also John McCain whose judgement compelled him to vote against the first round of tax cuts, a move his party decried, because of the wasteful spending attached to the bill. 

Joe Biden and Barack Obama’s judgement on the major issues of our day align 96% of the time with whatever their party tells them to believe. By contrast,  John McCain’s judgement on major issues has led him to vote against his party more than 14% of the time.  But despite Joe Biden’s obvious lack or distortion of facts tonight, I can’t question his judgement when he said that Obama was too inexperienced for the job.


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