Veep Stakes:The Sequel

As we all marvel over the amount of calories it takes to fuel the human machine that is Michael Phelps,  let us also add the new names that have popped up in Obama’s VP circle to our wonderment.  For instance,  Al Gore.  Or how about John Kerry.  Even Oprah has been given the nod by pundits struggling with the lack of Obama news this week.  Is it just a coincidence that Obama is on vacation and the media has also taken a vacation from reporting on the election? 

In any case, I sat glued to my television last night as I heard John Kerry’s name and VP in the same sentence.  Surely this was a joke.  I mean Obama could be considering Clinton, Biden, or Sebelius.   Even Richardson or Dodd.  But Kerry?  The man who lost against Bush in 2004?  Lost the election that was impossible to lose? Lost the election that inspired young people?  That John Kerry?  Should Bush and McCain just set up a time to hand over keys now or should we go through the motions? 

I realize Kerry’s name is probably no more than smoke and mirrors but why bother at this point.  Obama’s choice will happen in the next week, everyone knows it.  I’m not even sure Clinton is out yet,  although the fact that her name will be brought up on the convention floor could stick a thorn in Obama’s side bigger than he agreed to in the deal.

Obama’s choice will undoubtedly be someone as high minded as himself, someone who supports change as much as he does, and someone as gifted at acting as he is.  Perhaps George Clooney really is on the list.


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