Send Mexico the bill

When Jose Medellin was executed last week it was a good day.  This is the man who, while in America illegally, helped beat,rape and execute two girls, ages 14 and 16, for over an hour in 1993 then boasted to friends what he had done before being arrested.   He was tried and convicted under the law and sentenced accordingly.  Officials, including Presiddent Bush, argued against his execution because he was a Mexican national, ie citizen,  and go against some international treaties.  The officials stated that an execution would violate  World Court rules that establish access to a national’s consular officials.  However, the Supreme Court upheld the execution and ruled in favor of American justice. 

Since 1993, Medellin has cost the taxpayers of Texas countless dollars.  He was given shelter, meals and all of the rights to appeal the American justice system provides.  If officials in Texas were smart they would itemize the last 15 years of services for this man and send Mexico the bill, afterall he was a citizen of that country not ours. 

The case currently taking shape in Shenendoah, PA where several kids beat an illegal immigrant to death, is also one that deserves attention.  The kids in this case were wrong and should stand trial and face the punishments  afforded by the Judicial system.  The man’s status has nothing to do with justice in this case.

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