Drive Naked and Conserve!

 Clothes weigh on average 2-4 lbs. Reducing that weight in our cars would improve gas mileage.  Reducing the weight of our cars by cleaning out our trunks does help as AAA has consistently noted.   If we all drove naked, as Glenn Beck (someone I only recently started watching) has suggested, and inflated our tires, the oil consumption in this country would drop dramatically and eliminate the need for offshore drilling. 

But Obama’s “Inflation Nation” was apparently only the tip of the energy policy iceberg.  In an effort to END the need for oil from ALL of the Middle East and Venezuela, Obama seems to endorse an initiative developed in California to keep our thermostats in check.  The initiative would require a non removable FM receiver to be built into new thermostats that power companies could control in case of an “emergency”.  The Receiver could also control refrigerators, pool pumps, etc.  The thermostats would keep buildings “energy efficient” by keeping the temperature at no less than 79 degrees in summer and no warmer than 70 degrees in winter. In other words, the device could be sent a signal that would adjust the thermostat by 4 degrees for heating or cooling.   In his speech in Lansing, Mich. this week Obama said:  

“Finally, the third step I will take is to call on businesses, government, and the American people to meet the goal of reducing our demand for electricity 15% by the end of the next decade. This is by far the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to reduce our energy consumption – and it will save us $130 billion on our energy bills.

Since DuPont implemented an energy efficiency program in 1990, the company has significantly reduced its pollution and cut its energy bills by $3 billion. The state of California has implemented such a successful efficiency strategy that while electricity consumption grew 60% in this country over the last three decades, it didn’t grow at all in California.

There is no reason America can’t do the same thing. We will set a goal of making our new buildings 50% more efficient over the next four years. And we’ll follow the lead of California and change the way utilities make money so that their profits aren’t tied to how much energy we use, but how much energy we save.

In just ten years, these steps will produce enough renewable energy to replace all the oil we import from the Middle East.”

Of course the initiative allows customers to override the settings, right?  Wrong! Title 24 of the Building Efficiency Standards sates that customer changes will not be allowed.  In addition permits would not be issued if anyone fails to comply with these standards. 

Of course Sen Obama attacked McCain for not supporting such an invasion of privacy and tried to link McCain to the oil companies and, yep, President Bush.  Stating McCain was against retooling the auto industry was nothing more than pandering to his union supporters and a blatant lie since McCain has already proposed a multifaceted approach to energy that included money for the auto industry, alternative energy sources, and oil.

Driving naked is something to consider and conservation is something America needs to get better at, no one doubts that suggestion.  Last winter suggestions about turning our thermostats down were everywhere.  AAA issues ideas on saving gas money every summer.  But under an Obama Presidency, conservation (still waiting on his views about naked driving) would be a function of government, mandated by laws and devices and overseen by a Federal agency.  Is it any wonder that Big Brother has been given the name Barack Obama?


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