The 60 Billion Dollar Woman

Obama seems to believe that the question of experience is off the table now that Gov Sarah Palin has been chosen to be McCain’s VP nominee.  By now everyone knows that Palin is a first term Governor from Alaska who was previously Mayor of Wasilla, a town of approximately 10,000 people.  But judging experience is more that just years in office, it also includes the level of involvement you had during that time. 

Take one specific item as an example of Sarah Palin’s experience in relation to Obama and Biden’s.  The operating budget in Illinois is $49 billion.  As a state Senator, Obama would have had very little input into the content of the budget itself.  Likewise, the operating budget of Delaware is around $3 billion.  Joe Biden’s career took him to Washington 36 years ago, where he does little to negotiate the budget for the USA.  As a matter of fact his party, including Obama, has yet to pass a budget for this fiscal year, which ends on September 30.  The USA is currently operating on a continuing resolution. 

Alaska, by contrast, has an operating budget of $60 billion, that is $8 billion more than both Illinois and Delaware combined.  While serving the last two years as Governor, Sarah Palin would have overseen the writing and implementation of that $60 billion budget twice.  While Governor, Palin also vetoed over 300 spending bills because of waste and cut $1.6 billion from the budget. 

Experience still matters in this election.  Sen Obama wants us to believe that his inexperience is an asset to this country and will provide fresh ideas.  He wants us to cast a vote for him even though he has never overseen something as simple as a state budget ( simple as compared to the budget of the United States).  Nor has Sen Obama been able to pass a budget as a US Senator, one of his key responsibilities in that position.  Sarah Palin oversaw a budget of $60 billion and cut wasteful spending in Alaska.  She even turned down money that Republican Sen Ted Stevens helped earmark in Congress for the “Bridge to Nowhere” project.  Experience does matter and while Palin may be new to the nation,  her experience as Alaska’s Governor has proven that she is ready and has the resume of change  that Obama only talks about.


Obama and the American Dream

Letter to the editor, Times Leader newspaper in Wilkes Barre, 08/29/2008 by pa4mccain


An amazing choice! John McCain has once again proven that he is committed to reform by choosing Alaska’s governor, Sarah Palin, as his VP nominee.  Not only is Sarah Palin’s personal story exciting, her time in politics has shown that she is 100% to reform. 

Palin’s personal story is filled with interests ranging from basketball to hunting.  She worked with her husband as a commercial fisherman, ran as a beauty contestant, and was a sports journalist.  She enjoys hockey and has been a lifelong member of the NRA.  Her family is large, 5 children, the last born in April. 

Politically, Palin is the first woman governor of Alaska, the first person to serve as governor that was born after Alaska was granted statehood,  was mayor and served on city council.  She has traveled overseas, probably more than Obama, to visit wounded soldiers and one of her sons is set to be deployed to Iraq in September.  Palin’s accomplishments in Alaska dwarf Obama’s time in the Senate.  She has killed pork barrel projects including the Bridge to Nowhere and passed ethics reform in Alaska that effectively ended the political career of many Republicans.  She believes that abortion issues are not above her pay grade, taking a firm pro-life stance.  She also passed a constitutional ban on gay marriage but signed into law benefits for homosexual couples.  And unlike the current Senate, has passed a budget in the amount of $6.6 billion that included several hundred cuts in wasteful programs totaling over $200 million. 

Sen Obama and Sen Biden say that they will change Washington and argue that only they can make real change.  Sen Obama even attacked John McCain in his speech last night by saying that McCain voted with Bush 90% of the time (Biden says 95%) and that only gives Americans a 10% chance of change under a McCain administration.  Yet Sen Biden and Sen Obama have voted with their party 96% of the time, leaving roughly a 4% chance of real reform.  I’ve been out of school for awhile now but 10% is still higher than 4% as far as I know.  If Sen Obama is elected, all we may have left is change, in our pockets, to borrow a line from Governor Pawlenty. 

With the addition of Sarah Palin to the McCain ticket, the Republicans have effectively shown that they are the party of real reform.  Democrats can talk the game but what have they done to prove it.  McCain and Palin have worked throughout their careers to change the way government runs and have the record to prove it. Now that’s change I believe in.


Shame on me for not doing my homework on Gov Palin until the 11th hour.  Now that Mitt Romney is out of the running, along with Pawlenty, I will say that I ma wrong and the few people who promoted Palin to me were right.  After reading her bio and experience, I must say, if she is picked, she will be too perfect and will help McCain win in November.  I am completely energized at even the prospect of her nomination!

Republican National Convention

The schedule for next weeks RNC:

Interesting that Romney is scheduled on Wednesday, along with Jindal, Kay Bailey Hutchinson and Carly Fiorina (for the long shots).  Pawlenty and Sen Brownback are scheduled for Thursday and Sarah Palin and Tom Ridge are currently scheduled for Tuesday.

Biden has a Bridge for Sale

Joe Biden is questioning John McCain’s judgement?  Saying that John McCain has been wrong on the most important national security issues of our time, Joe Biden cited a statement McCain made three years ago about violence in Afghanistan and how the US had succeeded there.  In promoting Sen Obama’s judgement, Biden only noted that a year ago Obama called for 2 more battalions to be sent to Afghanistan.   Biden also said that the Bush/McCain foreign policy neglected nations around the world, like Georgia, a new democracy as he called it, and ignored signs of an emerging Russian nation.  Biden also accused Bush/McCain of losing sight of the nuclear powered nations like Pakistan and the economic growth of China and India. 

What Biden neglected to mention in all of this was either his own judgement or that of his fearless leader, Obama.  Joe Biden’s judgement led him to vote AGAINST the first war in Iraq when Kuwait, a sovereign nation, was invaded by Sadaam Hussein’s army.  Joe Biden’s judgement led him to convince President Clinton to launch air strikes in Kosovo because of ethnic cleansing, not an imminent threat to the US or her interests.  It was Sen Biden whose judgement led him to vote for the Iraq war then denounce it and the now successful surge strategy.  It was also Sen Obama’s judgement to vocalize his opposition to the Iraq war at a time when he had no authority, as a state Senator, to vote for or against any action in Iraq.  It was also Obama’s judgement that led him to say that Iran and Cuba are too small to be real threats to the United States.  And it was Sen Obama’s judgement that led him to say that the troop surge in Iraq is not a success and attributes the reduction in violence to anyone other than our troops.

On the other hand, John McCain’s judgement led him to support the war in Iraq and Afghanistan for national security reasons.  Later, John McCain criticized the Bush administration, much to the dismay of his own party, for their handling of the war.  And still later, Sen McCain was the lone Republican to stand up and argue for a surge of troops in Iraq,  a stand so unpopular his own party stood against him.  It has been Sen McCain’s judgement that led him to denounce Russia’s invasion of Georgia immediately because he has been talking about Russia’s re emergence for a decade already.  It has been Sen McCain’s judgement that has led him to recognize Iran’s hateful rhetoric as the threat that it is and the penchant for destruction that country would have if it ever possessed nuclear weapons.  It was also John McCain’s judgement that helped him understand what an ally Pakistan, an country who has stood with America despite internal dissent, is in the war on terror.   It was also John McCain whose judgement compelled him to vote against the first round of tax cuts, a move his party decried, because of the wasteful spending attached to the bill. 

Joe Biden and Barack Obama’s judgement on the major issues of our day align 96% of the time with whatever their party tells them to believe. By contrast,  John McCain’s judgement on major issues has led him to vote against his party more than 14% of the time.  But despite Joe Biden’s obvious lack or distortion of facts tonight, I can’t question his judgement when he said that Obama was too inexperienced for the job.

A Catholic Democrat Says What?

If Nancy Pelosi is Catholic, then Jesus has lowered his standards.

On Sundays’ Meet the Press, Speaker Pelosi was asked to defend Sen Obama’s remarks on abortion from the Saddleback Ranch forum last week.  During the forum, Sen Obama said that the question of when life begins was “above his pay grade”.  Speaker Pelosi tried to defend Sen Obama by saying that as a Catholic, and after studying the teachings of the faith, she knew that even the Catholic church could not define when life began.  In her defense she did cite St Augustine’s, born 354-died 386 AD, views a proof.  By the way St Augustine was born in 354 and died in 430 AD, a time when life began when divine intervention told them there was a baby or a woman started to show.

I’m not sure when Speaker Pelosi last saw the inside of a Catholic Church or when she last heard a sermon from a Catholic priest on life, but I can say without a doubt that the Catholic church believes life begins at conception.  The church goes so far as to say that using any contraception is a sin as well because contraception prevents life from starting.  I’m also pretty sure that abortion still falls under the umbrella of “Things to tell the Priest while in confession” for practicing catholics. 

I’m not trying to persuade your views on abortion.  The issue is defended vehemently by both sides. Personally, I feel abortion is wrong and Sen Obama’s views on late term abortions are morally reprehensible and brings into question his other stated values.  But Speaker Pelosi’s argument in defense of Sen Obama was ignorant, uninformed and a down right lie.  Consider this as well. One day after naming a Catholic VP running mate to the ticket,  Sen Obama’s surrogate (Pelosi) was on TV defending Obama using the “teachings” of the Catholic church.  Have the Democrats found religion or just launched a new “It’s okay to vote pro-choice now, we have a Catholic nominee too” campaign? 

Democrats have long appealed to voters hearts while undermining or confusing their sensibilities.  Pelosi’s arguments on abortion this week were an example of this.  Catholics know that life begins at conception but by pulling at the heartstrings of Catholics who admire Sen. Obama,  Speaker Pelosi hopes to be able to sow the seeds of doubt over their faith and give them the opening they need to justify a pro-choice vote. 

Read a transcript here:

Scranton loves Biden

After watching local coverage of Biden’s appointment to VP today I can only guess that the only reason Biden was given the nod was because of his ties to Scranton.  Forget a candidate that can carry the state of PA, Biden can carry Scranton and Lackawanna County.  It is true that NEPA will be a bell weather area for the candidates but the love being shown for this “native son” is off the charts. 

Joe Biden left NEPA when he was 10.  His “close” friends include the family that bought his childhood home.  “Supporters” showed up at a local bar to watch Obama/Biden make their first appearance together and were in love instantly simply because of the “D” next to both of their names in the Senate roll call.  Relatives of Joe Biden were nowhere to be seen, he doesn’t have any here. 

Additionally the national media played up the Scranton roots theme.  On at least ABC,  who had an entire docudrama based on Biden prepared,  Biden’s Scranton connection was announced multiple times.  This was an apparent nod to Hilary supporters in the area who were given so much national coverage during the primary.  But the media doesn’t have Hilary anymore and will win votes for Obama with any angle they can get, even if it means exploiting a connection that is long gone. 

I’m not saying Biden can’t call Scranton his boyhood home, but his roots are long gone.  Sen Clinton at least has family buried here and did visit often throughout her life.  But to say Sen Biden is from Scranton is like saying I am from Cleveland because I lived there for several years or from Maine because I was born there.  In essence, I am the perfect VP candidate if ties to a city is the criteria for vetting a VP. 

I missed most of the love fest today, as I was meeting Gov Pawlenty at the campaign headquarters of Chris Hackett in Dallas, PA.  The possible VP nominee was in town to stump for McCain and the other Republican candidates in the area and was a great guy.  His words focused on issues and not houses, as Biden’s comments did.  The Governor’s support for McCain was evident as he talked with supporters, unlike Biden’s whose words today reflected his role as attack dog for Obama as he sidestepped his “no learning curve” comment of less than a year ago when talking about Obama’s inexperience.  The difference in styles was evident today, with Obama and Co doing what they do best, substituting substance for style. 

Will Sen Biden help carry PA and NEPA in particular?  I doubt it.  But judging by the media coverage today, Democrats in the area are falling in love all over again with their “native son”.  But, unlike their passionate romantic love of Hilary, it’s a platonic love for one of their own who they don’t want to see fail. 

“Democrats fall in love, Republicans fall in line”

3 AM

It’s 3am.  Somewhere a phone is ringing.  But don’t worry, it’s just Obama sending text messages because he can’t sleep.

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Obama chose his running mate last night, overnight, while we were sleeping.  ?.  Apparently Joe Biden got the nod because of his extensive foreign policy background and, like Clinton, is a native of Scranton,PA.  Of course, I don’t think Biden will be embraced as a native son the same way Clinton was when she campaigned here this year. 

In another blunder by the Obamacampaign, a text message was sent out to announce the pick AFTER the media was alerted to Joe Biden’s status.  His promise to send supporters the text first because of their undying support was broken around 3am when many supporters received the text.  So much for the political cartoons and pundits joking about McCain’s inability to use texting. 

Will this hurt Obama?  No, but Biden won’t help that much either.  Biden has been a critic of Obama and he voted for the war in Iraq before he was against it.  Does Biden also want out of Iraq because his son is facing deployment in the region?  Biden is also a beltway insider, a staunch liberal who has voted with his party 96.6% of the time (Obama has done so 96% of the time), and, for her supporters, is still not Hilary Clinton.  Biden will also have to overcome what appears to be a rough exterior and a tendency to talk, and talk, and talk.  He will also have to overcome his age, a charge many Obama supporters level against McCain.  Biden is 66, only 6 six years younger than McCain.   

 Biden probably was a good choice for Obama.  They share many of the same ideas and Biden won’t outshine Obama’s own spotlight.  Maybe he can even become another one of Obama’s crazy old uncles.  But in a year where the VP choice is so critical, did Obama make the right pick.  I think voters will say NO on election day and go for McCain/Romney in November.