Lovely Qeshm Island

Obama, trying to scare Americans into the voting boothin November and pull the lever with his name,  announced the prospect of $12/gallon gasoline.  His prediction came as he was discussing Iran and the threat he now sees that country poses. 

In a classic Obama GOTCHA! move, the Senator predicted that oil could shoot up to over $300 a barrel and gas would cost $12/gallon if Iran was attacked and they closed the stait of Hormoze, passageway of many barrels of oil a day.  He feared that the cowboy diplomacy of Bush and McCain, as well as the self interested policies of Israel,  would lead to another Mideast confrontation and further stop the flow of oil from that region.  Never mindthat the confrontation with Iran is over nuclear weapons that would decimate almost any European city and some countries. 

Now I know that some people are worried about their planned trip to Qesham Island in the strait of Hormoze and they are likely undecided voters who don’t want to be trapped on this dolphin shaped island of 75,000 when Iran closes the gates.  Now don’t worry, Obama’s comments are off the cuff and lack any real merit.  But in the event the attack happens and you are trapped, you should consider which Presidential candidate is best suited to get you out. 

Sen Obama proposes talking. And talking. And talking.  Until finally on day 444 the talking continued.  Of course he may throw in some sanctions along the way but talking is the main talking point. 

Sen McCain proposes talking. And talking.  And bombing.  And bombing.  And Bombing.  Until finally on day 30 the bombing stops and a combined force of troops from around the world move in and secure your release as well as the opening of the strait and the end of nuclear weapons in Iran. 

Of course under President Obama you would save a lot of money on gas here at home.  You may also get to see the Harra sea forest,  the laying of the eggs of the rare hawk bills turtle and the ruins of the Fort of Portuguese from the 16th century.  All of this while enjoying temperatures ranging from 50c to 22c ( that’s 71-122 degrees in America). 

Under President McCain you will still have a chance to see these things but in a lot less time.  And provided you are taken hostage, with President McCain you’ll be a bargaining chip for less time and probably safer because no one wants to see America angry with a former POW President that has a strong record of National defense.

So as you plan your trip to the lovely Qeshm Island don’t listen to Sen Obama’s rants about oil prices.  He’s just trying to scare you.  Relax and enjoy–you’ve earned it,  after you send in your absentee ballot.  Just remember, how long you want to stay depends on who you vote for in November.


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