9% and Falling

Action!  That’s what voters want from their elected officials.  Whether it’s a local official who promises renovations on the city park or a Congressman who promises to enact border control legislation on the national level.  What voters are seeing, more than any other time in recent history, is a calculated effort for inaction. 

The recent Congressional approval ratings are a sure sign that the Country is in need of serious leadership.  The approval rating has been falling for months and now sits at a dismal 9%.  Yes, approximately 91% of America disapproves of the job the current Congress is doing.  Or to put it another way, more people approve of President Bush than the entire Congress.  The irony of this number is that the leadership the country needs will ultimately come from one of the Presidential candidates, both members of the 91% ineffective Congress. 

Sen McCain and Sen Obama offer very different views of America to voters.  Sen McCain and Sen Obama both offer views grown out of experience, personal and professional.  Sen McCain views America through the lenses of a man who lost his freedom as a POW in Vietnam.  Sen Obama views America through the lenses of a lawyer who has seen the injustices of race and poverty in Chicago.  Sen McCain knows that Americans must have the inner strength of character to lead themselves out of tough times, despite hardships they face on a daily basis.  Sen Obama knows that given the opportunity, through Federal means,  anyone can succeed in America.  Sen McCain knows that leaders use words to inspire and push people to action.  Sen Obama knows how to use words to inspire and push people to ask for action from someone.   Sen McCain knows that no one man or party can survive on their own and has worked with Democrats and Republicans to enact reform for all Americans.  Sen Obama knows that one party can make a difference and has voted to enact reform with the leaders of the current Congress ( the 9% effective Congress) 97% of the time.  Sen McCain sees the possibility of America through its history and heritage.  Sen Obama hopes America still has possibilities, but only sees a fundamental change in Americans beliefs in their country as a way to make any possibility real. 

Recognizing that the next leader of the USA will be pulled from the most ineffective Congress in years,  more voters than ever before will be left undecided, feeling that one is no better than the other.  An understandable view when only 9% of Americans support the job both candidates are doing.  But if voters want action, what can they expect from two candidates who are part of the same ineffective Congress?  The only way to tell the future in this instance is to look at the record and influences of each candidate.  When voters do this they will certainly see Sen McCain as the most capable candidate with a record of leadership and action that Sen Obama can’t yet put on his resume.


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