Politics as Ususal

According to the Washington Post,  Sen Obama has done it again.  In another closed door meeting, this one with House Democrats,  Obama said  “I have become a symbol of the possibility of America returning to our best traditions,” or as loyalists spun it Obama said “It has become increasingly clear in my travel, the campaign — that the crowds, the enthusiasm, 200,000 people in Berlin, is not about me at all. It’s about America. I have just become a symbol.” Despite, or because of?, the arrogance of either statement, Democrats, their strategists and supporters have labeled the reporting of it “politics as usual” and are trying to paint anyone who talks about it as a tool for Conservative talkers. 

The “politics as usual” stamp has become a staple of the Obama campaign in this election cycle.  After his first closed door gaffe when he said that rural Americans were “bitter” and they clung to their guns and bibles,  Sen Obama and his campaign quickly tried to distance themselves by saying he was misquoted and it was “politics as ususal”.  Any mention of Sen Obama’s short record, his votes or any public quotes is labeled “politics as usual”.  Using his middle name, talking about his wife’s “proud” comment or anything she says on the campaign trail, mentioning his race or creed even in mundane terms, citing his relationships with Rev Wright, William Ayers and Tony Rezko among others is racist, pointless, a defamation of character and “politics as usual”.  Pointing out that Obama called Ludacris a “great talent” while showing the video of Luda’s new song about Hilary’s female dog like attributes, wishing for McCain to be paralyzed and painting the White House black,  is just “politics as usual” and not a fair representation of Obama, the man.  So the question now has to become, what is not “politics as usual”?

If issues are the only thing on the table, according to Sen Obama, then comments he makes about issues are also on the table.  When he called offshore drilling a “scheme”, that comment speaks volumes about his energy policy.  When he refuses to acknowledge that the surge has and is working in Iraq and instead says that he would still vote against it with 20/20 hindsight, his policy on Iraq comes into question.  And when he calls on the black community to own up to responsibility in society and family life,  or when he states incorrectly that more blacks are in prison than in college, his policies on social issues become fair game.  Finally, when the Senator takes a trip abroad and publicly meets with heads of state, his actions and words can not be sealed away for use only as the Obama campaign sees fit. 

Sen Obama is correct in saying that he has become a symbol.  In recent weeks he has become a symbol of how not to be a candidate for President.  Obama has had more “Dewey defeats Truman” moments in the last few weeks than perhaps any other candidate in history.  Using the “polics as usual” stamp is convienent for Sen Obama’s campaign and he will continue to use it as long as he can in order to avoid discussions on the issues and policies he lacks understanding on, namely all of them.


Veep Stakes

The polls have stalled.  As of today,  there is no clear leader in the race to be the next President.  Voters are ready for the next big thing in this race, the VP picks. 

In previous elections, the choice of VP was seen as mostly insignificant.  What did Al Gore bring to the table?  Did Kerry take North Carolina with Edwards on the ticket?  Who thought Cheney was on the short list?  But this election is different and the VP choice WILL affect the outcome of this election. 

John McCain will benefit from his choice of VP much more than Sen Obama.  For voters, Sen McCain’s choice is more about who will balance the ticket.  For voters on the right that means a candidate with more conservative views than McCain.  For independents that means a candidate who shares most of McCain’s views but can also add something, such as experience or knowledge in economics, to the ticket.  And for Democrats unsure about Obama, it is a candidate who will not go too far right on issues important to them.  And let’s face it, no matter how healthy McCain is, all voters are looking at the number 2 guy as a possible replacement. 

For voters looking at Sen Obama and his VP choice, it is more about who will add the most to the ticket without highlighting the inexperience of a first term Senator.  Independent voters are looking at Obama’s choice as their key.  Independents who like his message of change and hope want a VP with the same wide eyed view of the world but has been around politics longer than the top name on the ticket.  Independents  who are undecided because of Obama’s inexperience and worry about his message of hope and change are looking for a VP who will keep Obama grounded in reality as he tries to run the nation, possibly someone they feel will hold him back a little.  Those on the left who are unsure about Sen Obama will be looking for a candidate who will be able to keep Obama focused on the issues important to the party.  And everyone is looking for a VP who has seen and experienced the world for longer than 9 days. 

Obama will have a harder time choosing a VP that will help him win as well because he has placed himself on such a high pedestal.  With soaring speeches infused with whimsical rhetoric, Sen Obama has captivated audiences and the media.  His VP choice will have to bottle some of this magic as well if he or she wants to be an asset to the Democratic ticket.  He or she will also have to be able to explain Sen Obama’s policies, a task not many surrogates can do on the talk show circuit without resorting to talking points. 

The influence of Dick Cheney will be felt in this election as both candidates struggle with the VP choice.  Just as Hilary wandered into politics as First Lady and redefined that role, Dick Cheney (for better or worse, depending on your thinking) redefined the role of the VP under Bush.  Both candidates need a strong choice to motivate voters to cast ballots in their favor.  For Sen Obama that task will prove to be more difficult as he tries to find someone who will not upstage him or his message.  For Sen McCain the task is to find someone to compliment him and his message.  The advantage is clearly with McCain as the Veep Stakes continues. 

(It’s going to be Romney for McCain!, and Clinton is a huge risk for Obama that won’t help him in the end)

Speaking in Tongues

Since Senator Obama is embarrassed by Americans expecting English to be spoken overseas and since he is embarrassed by Americans expecting foreigners to speak English here,  I just wonder if the Senator and Presidential hopeful will be speaking the native tongue of the countries he will be visiting on his upcoming trip to Europe and the Middle East or will he be using a translator funded by taxpayers? 

Goodbye! Senator Obama

America is watching and listening!


Seit Senator Obama ist peinlich Amerikaner erwarten Englisch zu sprechen und in Übersee, da er peinlich Amerikaner erwarten Ausländer, Englisch zu sprechen hier, ich frage mich, ob der Senator und Präsidentschafts-Hoffnung wird sprechen die Muttersprache der Länder wird er auf Besuch seiner bevorstehenden Reise nach Europa und den Nahen Osten oder wird er mit Hilfe eines Übersetzers von den Steuerzahlern finanziert?

Auf Wiedersehen! Senator Obama

Amerika ist beobachten und zuhören!

Desde el Senador Obama está avergonzado por los estadounidenses Inglés esperando a ser intervenido en el exterior y desde que él es avergonzado por los estadounidenses esperan que los extranjeros a hablar Inglés aquí, me pregunto si el Senador y Presidente de la esperanza de se habla la lengua nativa de los países que va a visitar a su próximo viaje a Europa y el Medio Oriental o va a estar usando un traductor financiado por los contribuyentes?

América está viendo y escuchando!

Dal momento che il senatore Obama è imbarazzato di americani in attesa di essere inglese parlata oltremare e poiché egli è in imbarazzo di americani stranieri in attesa di parlare inglese qui, mi chiedo se il senatore e presidente di speranza verrà parlare la lingua madre dei paesi sarà in visita a il suo prossimo viaggio in Europa e il Medio Oriente o che egli si stia utilizzando un traduttore finanziati dai contribuenti?
L’America è guardare e ascoltare!

Photoshopping a President

Obama’s planned visits to  Iraq, Afghanistan and Europe are nothing more than an attempt by his campaign to photoshop Sen Obama into the White House.  The fact that all three major networks, ABC,CBS and NBC, are sending their anchors abroad with him is all the proof anyone needs of this veiled trick by the Obama campaign. 

As Sen Obama heads overseas, on the taxpayer dime,  he will no doubt be looking for opportunities to pump up his bid for the Presidency.  There will be no lack of opportunity as he shakes hands with world leaders and our troops as the networks scurry behind.  I can see it now…Obama and an Iraqi soldier shaking hands,  Obama and a General discussing the surge, Obama hugging an Iraqi boy who has lost his father in a suicide attack, Obama and (insert world leader here) sharing a chat while strolling some historic landmark.  His entourage of other Senators (any on the short list for VP?) will be ignored so that America may see just how Presidential Obama can act (act being the key word). 

But the theory is widely held that Nixon lost to Kennedy because his 5 o’clock shadow was visible during the televised debate.  This trip could very well be Obama’s 5 o’clock shadow.  Whatever Obama does will be scrutinized.  Perhaps not by NBC or the other networks, but by talk radio, cable news, on the internetand by voters at large.  Many will view some of his actions overseas as politically expedient or as just another politician traveling on my dime.  This will be made even more clear if Obamaengages in campaign rhetoric while traveling.  He may just turn out to be another politicain, a label he despises. 

Another potential drawback for Obama is if he looks like he is not leading the delegation.  As the Senators head into Iraq and Afghanistan, who will be their spokesperson?  If it is not Obama, he could be perceived as lacking the will to lead.  If he does not talk about leaving Iraq while in Iraq he may lose support among the most important and largest group of Obama voters, young Americans, who may also perceive him as just another politician. 

Also, will rallies for Obama in Germany or other nations on their itinerary really help him win an election to become the President of the United States?  Rallies will certainly show that he is popular but while on this trip he can’t engage in politics as usual without offending taxpayers at home who are funding the trip.  John McCain’s trips, while held during the campaign season, were not political rallies and he did not engage in politics while abroad.  Voters scratched their heads as to why he was in Columbia but did not hear McCain utter phrases about his opponent and his plans (veiled references that mean everything to anyone aside).  Sen Obama must walk a tight rope of Senator and candidate while traveling abroad on the taxpayer dime. 

In the end, this trip is a taxpayer funded campaign stop, especially with the networks in tow.  Sen Obama’s is looking to add to his resume with pictures of foreign dignitaries and currently deployed military personnel.   However, even with the technological advances in media since Nixon, the fact remains that you can not photo shop a President.  Informed voters can always spot the 5 o’clock shadow and are always turned off by it.

Best of Both Worlds

The following is how Sen Obama sings the Hannah Montana song, The Best of Both Worlds, in his head. 


 I got a limo out front,

Hottest suits, every tie, every color

Yeah, running as a moderate can be kinda fun

It’s really me but the voters never discover

In Congress  I’m just like all my peeps

But while campaigning I’m a star


I’ve got the best of both worlds

I chill out,  take a vote

Then I spin the results

I’ve got the best of both worlds

mix them both together

And I know that I can be the best of both worlds

I go to a deadbeat Congress (was that Hilary Clinton?)

Hear my words on the nightly news

Being Liberal and Moderate can be kinda weird

But campaigning’s cool ’cause nobody cares

Yeah I get to be a small time Senator

But President if I play both sides right


I’ve got the best of both worlds

I chill out,  take a vote

Then I spin the results

I’ve got the best of both worlds

mix them both together

And I know that I can be the best of both worlds

Democrat and Moderate

I’ve got to spin a position on both sides

I hope voters never see that

I get to be whoever I want to be

Best..best..yeah I am the best

Best..best…I’m the most Liberal

Best..best…yeah, the most moderate

I never thought that guy like me

Could double as a moderate

I’ve got the best of both worlds

I chill out, take a vote

Then I spin the results

I’ve got the best of both worlds

mix them both together

And I know that I’m the best

I’ve got the best of both worlds

On this and that I can say anything

I give the best of both worlds

I’m so much better

When voters don’t know I’m running 

with the best of both worlds


Energy, campaign finance, Iraq, immigration, Rev Wright—just a sample of the issues Sen Obama has been switching his positions on since he started campaigning.  Truly he is the candidate of change–changing positions.

Senor or Monsieur Obama?

Senor Obama, can you please explain to me why children need to be taught Spanish? 

English is spoken in 104 countries around the world.  It is estimated that up to 25% of the WORLD’s population could understand and /or speak some English.  It is a language most people use when traveling to foreign countries, not just Americans and it is also used diplomatically around the world.  While English does not have the most native speakers in the world,  Chinese and Hindi have more native speakers,  it does have more native speakers than the Spanish language.  It is also an official (not national) language in 52 countries around the world. 

Nations In Which English Is An Official Language
(Source: Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia, 2002)

  1. Antigua and Barbuda

  2. Australia

  3. Barbados

  4. Belize

  5. Botswana

  6. Cameroon

  7. Canada

  8. Dominica

  9. Federated States of Micronesia
  10. Fiji Islands

  11. Ghana

  12. Grenada

  13. Guyana

  14. India

  15. Ireland

  16. Jamaica

  17. Kenya

  18. Kiribati

  1. Lesotho

  2. Liberia

  3. Malawi

  4. Malta

  5. Marshall Islands

  6. Mauritius

  7. Namibia

  8. New Zealand

  9. Nigeria

  10. Palau

  11. Papua New Guinea

  12. Philippines

  13. Rwanda

  14. Saint Lucia

  15. Samoa

  16. Sierra Leone

  17. Singapore

  18. Solomon Islands

  1. South Africa

  2. Saint Kitts and Nevis

  3. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

  4. Swaziland

  5. Tanzania

  6. The Bahamas

  7. The Gambia

  8. Tonga

  9. Trinidad and Tobago

  10. Tuvalu

  11. Uganda

  12. United Kingdom

  13. United States

  14. Vanuatu

  15. Zambia

  16. Zimbabwe

English is also used in 75% of all communications and 90% of internet traffic is in English.  More than half of the radio programs worldwide are broadcast in English.  And while we may never know or speak all of them,  English trumps all other languages in the number of words available to its speakers to express themselves,  Spanish has fewer than 100,000 words. 

Additionally Monsieur Obama,  Americans do not expect foreign citizens to speak only English as they travel the globe just as foreigners don’t expect Americans to know their language as they travel our land.  That is like saying the French expect the Italians to speak French when they are traveling in their country.  People in other countries are taught English as a means to interact with each other,  not just to appease those Americans. 

 You are correct in saying that Americans should learn a foreign language,  Latin was my choice and while I can’t speak it the lessons helped me gather English word meanings and spellings more than I can count.  But you are wrong in saying that Americans are ignorant because they don’t learn a second language for business or travel.    Americans should learn a foreign language they are interested in for personal as well as their own cultural reasons.   Spanish should not be forced on every American child or adult just so that they can speak to their neighbors who asked to be citizens in this country.

No one should ever feel like a foreigner in their own country, but I fear more Americans are beginning to feel that way as they continue to have to press 1 for English.  So consider this Sen Obama the next time you are on the phone and are asked to press 1 for English. When the Chinese and Germans came to this country at the turn of the last century, they were not given the courtesy of pressing 2 for Chinese or German.  They learned English and their culture lived on and became part of America today. 

Note: this will not be translated into Spanish and facts were found at http://anthro.palomar.edu/language/language_1.htm

Lovely Qeshm Island

Obama, trying to scare Americans into the voting boothin November and pull the lever with his name,  announced the prospect of $12/gallon gasoline.  His prediction came as he was discussing Iran and the threat he now sees that country poses. 

In a classic Obama GOTCHA! move, the Senator predicted that oil could shoot up to over $300 a barrel and gas would cost $12/gallon if Iran was attacked and they closed the stait of Hormoze, passageway of many barrels of oil a day.  He feared that the cowboy diplomacy of Bush and McCain, as well as the self interested policies of Israel,  would lead to another Mideast confrontation and further stop the flow of oil from that region.  Never mindthat the confrontation with Iran is over nuclear weapons that would decimate almost any European city and some countries. 

Now I know that some people are worried about their planned trip to Qesham Island in the strait of Hormoze and they are likely undecided voters who don’t want to be trapped on this dolphin shaped island of 75,000 when Iran closes the gates.  Now don’t worry, Obama’s comments are off the cuff and lack any real merit.  But in the event the attack happens and you are trapped, you should consider which Presidential candidate is best suited to get you out. 

Sen Obama proposes talking. And talking. And talking.  Until finally on day 444 the talking continued.  Of course he may throw in some sanctions along the way but talking is the main talking point. 

Sen McCain proposes talking. And talking.  And bombing.  And bombing.  And Bombing.  Until finally on day 30 the bombing stops and a combined force of troops from around the world move in and secure your release as well as the opening of the strait and the end of nuclear weapons in Iran. 

Of course under President Obama you would save a lot of money on gas here at home.  You may also get to see the Harra sea forest,  the laying of the eggs of the rare hawk bills turtle and the ruins of the Fort of Portuguese from the 16th century.  All of this while enjoying temperatures ranging from 50c to 22c ( that’s 71-122 degrees in America). 

Under President McCain you will still have a chance to see these things but in a lot less time.  And provided you are taken hostage, with President McCain you’ll be a bargaining chip for less time and probably safer because no one wants to see America angry with a former POW President that has a strong record of National defense.

So as you plan your trip to the lovely Qeshm Island don’t listen to Sen Obama’s rants about oil prices.  He’s just trying to scare you.  Relax and enjoy–you’ve earned it,  after you send in your absentee ballot.  Just remember, how long you want to stay depends on who you vote for in November.


By the way, I’m JFK

Yep, that’s Obama’s new slogan.  In a carefully planned meeting, he and his wife wrote out everything they could do to appear like the former beloved President and his wife.  Everything from dress to appearances is on the agenda for Sen Obama and his wife.  His wife will now only be seen with sleeveless dresses and a “signature” black hairband while Sen Obama himself will only talk to crowds in stadiums and venues where he repeat the words “hope” and “change” to the most amount of people possible.  He has replaced his voting record with that of JFK’s and is working on that Massachusetts accent for an even better performance at future speeches. 

The media has fallen for this performance art by the Presidential candidate–hook, line and sinker.  ABC,NBC and CBS all have shown how similar the two couples are and will continue to highlight the similarities in “newscasts” until November or until John McCain realizes he can’t win against the new and improved JFK.  As we race towards November watch out for more style appearances by “O and Jackie 2” being covered as if they mattered while media outlets continue to ignore the substance portion of the Presidential debate. 

Access Hollywood is also being taked about as a possible replacement series for the CBS Nightly News in the fall. 

In a couple of side notes, Access Hollywood is also being taked about as a possible replacement series for the CBS Nightly News in the fall and Hollywood has already bought the movie rights to a new JFK story and are hoping to cast the Obamas as the President his wife.

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9% and Falling

Action!  That’s what voters want from their elected officials.  Whether it’s a local official who promises renovations on the city park or a Congressman who promises to enact border control legislation on the national level.  What voters are seeing, more than any other time in recent history, is a calculated effort for inaction. 

The recent Congressional approval ratings are a sure sign that the Country is in need of serious leadership.  The approval rating has been falling for months and now sits at a dismal 9%.  Yes, approximately 91% of America disapproves of the job the current Congress is doing.  Or to put it another way, more people approve of President Bush than the entire Congress.  The irony of this number is that the leadership the country needs will ultimately come from one of the Presidential candidates, both members of the 91% ineffective Congress. 

Sen McCain and Sen Obama offer very different views of America to voters.  Sen McCain and Sen Obama both offer views grown out of experience, personal and professional.  Sen McCain views America through the lenses of a man who lost his freedom as a POW in Vietnam.  Sen Obama views America through the lenses of a lawyer who has seen the injustices of race and poverty in Chicago.  Sen McCain knows that Americans must have the inner strength of character to lead themselves out of tough times, despite hardships they face on a daily basis.  Sen Obama knows that given the opportunity, through Federal means,  anyone can succeed in America.  Sen McCain knows that leaders use words to inspire and push people to action.  Sen Obama knows how to use words to inspire and push people to ask for action from someone.   Sen McCain knows that no one man or party can survive on their own and has worked with Democrats and Republicans to enact reform for all Americans.  Sen Obama knows that one party can make a difference and has voted to enact reform with the leaders of the current Congress ( the 9% effective Congress) 97% of the time.  Sen McCain sees the possibility of America through its history and heritage.  Sen Obama hopes America still has possibilities, but only sees a fundamental change in Americans beliefs in their country as a way to make any possibility real. 

Recognizing that the next leader of the USA will be pulled from the most ineffective Congress in years,  more voters than ever before will be left undecided, feeling that one is no better than the other.  An understandable view when only 9% of Americans support the job both candidates are doing.  But if voters want action, what can they expect from two candidates who are part of the same ineffective Congress?  The only way to tell the future in this instance is to look at the record and influences of each candidate.  When voters do this they will certainly see Sen McCain as the most capable candidate with a record of leadership and action that Sen Obama can’t yet put on his resume.

Kerry advises Obama: “Flip Flop on Iraq”

Sen Obama now concedes that the war on terror may have to continue despite his promise to end the war immediately after being sworn in as President.  In statements made last week he criticized President Bush for having too many troops in Iraq and not enough in Afghanistan while also saying that he will continue to refine his policy on Iraq.  Does this sound like another Senator who ran for President 4 years ago?

The Kerryesque flip flop of Sen Obama is just the latest change of policy for the would be nominee.  However, this one is big!  Sen Obama drew thousands of college age kids and disgruntled voters to his side by saying he would end the war in Iraq immediately by moving troops out of Iraq during his first days as President.  He is proud to say he never supported the war (despite his being a Senator in Illinois and in no position to vote on authorization when the war started but has since authorized more troops and money with his votes in the Senate) and beat Hilary in the primaries by being the non-proliferation candidate.  Now that he is the nominee, Sen Obama is taking it on the chin from the success the surge has had in Iraq and he knows that as troops are redeployed to Afghanistan to stop the insurgency there that he will look like a fool on this issue.  Hence his flip flop on the issue. 

His defenders are sure to come to his aide, as they have in the last few days, by saying hat Sen Obama is being “misunderstood” by the media and his opponents.  They will say that, despite his words, he is still “committed” to the policies that won him the nomination.  And they will share Sen Obama’s vision of “change” and “hope” to pacify those supporters who like catchy words.  In light of recent statements made by Obama,  his supporters should actually be saying that they “misunderstood change and hope he is committed” to being a Senator, because he’s not the candidate they voted for in the primaries.