The 1/2 Compromise

The Three-Fifths Compromise was a deal brokered at the Constitutional Convention over slavery.  It stated that slaves were to be counted as three-fifths of a person when it came to taxes and representation.  Stating in essence that blacks were less of a person than whites,  the Compromise established a racist view we are still correcting today through political correctness and Affirmative Action, among other things.

Voters in Florida and Michigan had their own compromise on Saturday when they were told that their votes would be counted as less than a vote in the Democratic Primaries.  In a move designed to bring together a fractured Democratic party, the DNC decided that each voter would be counted as half a person and delegates would be apportioned by half.  Even in Michigan were Obama did not even place because his name was not on the ballot,  both Hilary and Obama received delegates.  After months of stating that a rules violation was a rules violation and that neither state would be seated, Howard Dean and his DNC have now pandered to those states in an act of compromise to get votes in November. 

Apples to oranges? Maybe.  But the question remains, if Obama was in Hilary’s shoes, would the black leaders have cited the three-fifths compromise as a way to get a full seating of delegates given the racial divide that has manifested itself throughout the primary campaign?  Would we be hearing Obama supporters talk about the “typical white person” or bitter Americans if he were in her shoes? 

History is filled with “what ifs”.  Decisions that affected the country could have had a dramatically different outcome if they had been taken in another direction.  The Florida and Michigan decision is one of those decisions. Obama is the candidate as of today but will the voters in Floida and Michigan see him worthy of a full vote in November?


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