Mr Obama goes to Iraq,maybe

  Going into November, Sen Obama knows that he has no chance of winning if even a small percentage of independents look closely at his foreign policy experience or ideas.  This is the man who called Iran a minor threat after all and has said publicly that he will meet personally with the most despotic leaders of the world.  He has tried to compare himself to JFK and Reagan, who he believes negotiated peace with the Soviet Union and Cuba.  This historically flawed comparison highlights Sen Obama’s lack of experience and knowledge where foreign affairs are concerned. 

Sen McCain, on the other hand, has rightly pointed out that there is nothing “tiny” about the threat from Iran, Venezuala or Cuba.  Iran wants, and will acquire, nuclear materials and weapons if given enough time.  Venezuala controls most of the oil that comes to the US.  Cuba is still a communist country positioned a stones throw from our shores.   Sen McCain recognizes that sitting down and talking does nothing except prolong the inevitable.  

Successful diplomacy can only come from a position of strength, and that is where Sen Obama is historically flawed.  JFK resolved the Cuban missile crisis  by sending warships to Cuba, while keeping the channels of diplomacy open.  The Soviets blinked first in the military game of chicken JFK played and thus he was in a position to make demands of the USSR.  Similarly, Reagan built a massive military and continued deploying weapons around the world despite Soviet threats.  The Soviets tried to keep up and eventually became so financially strapped that they were forced to negotiate.  It was not until the Soviets blinked again that Reagan met with Gorbachev and bargained from a position of strength.  Neither JFK nor Reagan were looking for a common interest, as Obama has suggested.  Both Presidents were looking how to force the Soviets to blink first and come to a diplomatic arrangement hat in hand. 

When Neville Chamberlain stated that he had avoided war and declared peace in our time, he probably had no idea that Hitler was going to embark on his conquest of Europe.  However, Chamberlain’s policy of appeasement actually turned out to be the Achilles heal Hitler was looking for in Europe.  Iran,Cuba and Venezuala may be small countries but there is nothing tiny about the threat that they pose to America and her allies.  Sitting down with them will expose an Achilles heal Sen Obama is too naive to protect and too inexperienced to defend once it is shown. 


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