National “Venting” Day

Coors has launched a new ad for their venting can.  The ad appeared in the local free entertainment newspaper The Weekender.  In the ad the word Memorial is crossed out and replaced with ventingso it says National Venting Day instead of Memorial Day.  The disrespectfult tone of the ad seems to inspire people to vent their frustration over the war on terror on Memorial day, a day set aside to honor the sacrifice of those men and women who have given their lives for the cause of freedom. 

There was a National Venting Day launched by Coors.  It was declared on April 15,2008 to celebrate their new can but the ad was used locally this weekend.  Cynical people will only see an ad for the new can, no matter when this ad is run, however given the sentiment of many people towards the war on terror,  “venting” takes on a different tone over the Memorial day weekend.  The suggestion that people should vent their frustrations this weekend, a time set aside to honor, not smear, veterans, is reprehensible.  If someone locally pirated this ad for use this weekend they need to issue an apology and if Coors approved the ad for use, Coors needs to apologize as well. 

As we celebrate this Memorial Day weekend, let’s all try to thank a vet and honor the sacrifice of others by attending a parade or memorial service.  Further, if we are beer drinkers,  pass by the Coors stacks and buy a good beer that respects the sacrifice of our Vets. 

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