Racism in PA

Workers for the Obama campaign recently reported they encountered racism while campaigning for Sen Obama in PA.  In last week’s local paper, workers said they reported racist encounters the day AFTER the primary in PA ( you know the state Clinton won by 9 points!). Yes, The day AFTER.  Also the Washington Post recently had an article saying that Obama signs were burned at the St Patty’s Day parade in Scranton,  A Clinton stronghold of bitter Americans. 

Both of these instances point out the hypocrisy of the Obama campaign.  The candidate himself says that he is above race when it comes to the election, yet his campaign will utilize the race card to make voters feel intimidated anytime it is strategically needed.  Obama’s supporters in PA said nothing of this reported racism before he lost the primary but waited until after the results were in, probably to provide support to the “bitter Americans” comment. 

The Washington Post article also had no facts to back up the story.  No one was specifically quoted as seeing this action and no one is commenting on the story.   I suppose we are supposed to believe the men in white sheets were doing this on the streets of Scranton or that this is the same as burning a cross in someones yard. 

If Sen Obama wants the Presidency so bad his campaign needs to stay away from the race card.  “Bitter Americans” realize race baiting too and won’t be intimidated to vote for a candidate based on anything other than the issues.  A vote against Obama is not a vote against civil rights, it is simply a vote against the wrong candidate who wants to weaken America internationally with his plans to appease terrorist leaders and weaken America’s position domestically with his overblown government programs. 

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