Reclaiming America(for the Dems)

Obama’s new slogan seems to be “Reclaiming America”.  It is posted on his pulpit as he preaches and will no doubt show up in campaign ads soon enough.  With this slogan he is apparently hoping to remind voters about the 2000 election and stir the bitterness that is still simmering below the surface of “disenfranchised” voters from that year. 

What this slogan shows is that Obama still has no plans to discuss issues and feels that resentment and bitterness some Democrats feel should be enough to get him elected.  Obama knows that once he is pressed on the issues voters will see him for the political puppet the leadership has made him since ’04.  His sudden rise in politics is evidence that the string pullers had trouble reigning in the Clintons so they cut their hold and attached Obama long before his time.  The leadership knows he has no record so they hold him up as the face of change despite his voting with the party 96% of the time.  They also know that if one of two things happen before November,  the economy turns or the war is still going well,  they will lose the election without reigniting the bitterness of 2000.  “Reclaiming America” is a subtle reminder by the Democrats that they still have not gotten over the “stolen” election of 2000.  Obama’s handlers could have used “Don’t blame me, I voted for Kerry” or “Gore” as their campaign slogan just as easily.  The problem is that Americans don’t want bitterness and hate to decide their President.  Look at the ’04 campaign for evidence of that where, despite an escalating war and a slower economy, George Bush was reelected by a majority of Americans. 

Slogans tell you something about the candidate using them.  “Reclaiming America” is a far cry from the “Change” of a few months ago.   The slogan smacks of a lust for power that the Democrats feel they are entitled to because of the last two elections.  Compared to McCain’s slogans of “Leadership” and ” Integrity” to name just two,  Obama’s slogan is about power and glory.  Personally, I want a President who wants to lead America, not reclaim the mantle of power for the good of the party. 


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