Recession or Awakening?

Sure its easy to blame the President and his party for the economic downturn the economy seems to have taken lately.  Its easy to blame war spending for state of the economy as well.  What is hard is for Americans to blame themselves for the economic conditions that they are in right now.

Americans are only now beginning to ask themselves ” can we afford this?” when it comes to their personal expenditures.  This question should have been asked long before the $300,00 McMansions were built on a yearly salary of $50,000.  It should have been asked long before the 52 inch plasma TV with surround sound and blu-ray player were bought.  And it should have been asked long before the 4 Hummers in the driveway were bought.  As Americans we expect there to always be “more”.  More cash, more stuff and more opportunities.  I’m not saying that this is a bad expectation, it’s not, it drives the economy.  But the problem is when there is “less”, we feel cheated and it somehow becomes the governments fault.  Those of us complaining now that we can’t afford our houses, cars and bills are looking to the government for relief and at the same time complaining about the government deficit.  So which is it “more” government spending to relieve personal problems, or “less” spending so we don’t pass on the bill to our kids and grandkids? 

So instead of this normal economic correction being viewed with the negative word “recession”, maybe Americans can call it a wake up call.  Voters keep calling for more fiscal responsibility from the President, Bush and the next one, so as not to balloon the deficit.    How about a call for more fiscal responsibilty in our own homes so we don’t keep ballooning our own deficit? 

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