Too Little Too Late

The denouncement of Rev Wright by Sen Obama is too little too late.  Obama has had several chances to distance himself from the Reverend and refused to do so despite having heard statements made by the pastor of his church. 

Sen Obama has been steadfast in defending Rev Wright for several months now.  When this controversy first surfaced over a year ago no one paid attention and Obama was released from criticism by the media.  Now Rev Wright in trying to defend himself and in turn attacked Obama saying that he is just a “politician”.  Despite the truth to these words, or perhaps because of them,  Obama now has tried to distance himself from the good sheperd.  It wasn’t the attack on Americans being the cause of 9/11.  It wasn’t the racial rhetoric that the Reverend preached.  Obama even defended Rev Wright in his “Race” speech in Philly saying he was a crazy uncle.  To Obama the worst thing Rev Wright could have said was that he, Sen Obama, was a politician.  This should give every voter a sense of Sen Obama more than his own stump speech rhetoric. 

Sen Obama hates the truth and the truth is that he is just another politician!


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  1. Anyone for president except Barack Hussein Obama!

  2. Too Little Too Late…

    Black Clergy: “Candidate lets down some of NJ clergy”; John Farmer: “Wright backlash not defining issue for Indiana voters”; NJ Pols: “Fiery pastor has Obama backers edgy”; (Breaking) Latest Poll: “Poll: NJ Dem support shifting to Obama ……

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