Slim to None

That’s Obama’s chances in PA on Tuesday.  In under 48 hours, Sen Obama’s campaign will move on to another state glad to be rid of the bitter Americans that reside in PA.  Despite his outspending Sen Clinton 3 to 1 on ads through the last six weeks of the primary,  Sen Obama can’t compete in the Keystone state.  Recent statements Sen Obama made about rural America and also his link to terrorists and Rev Wright,  have shown the people of PA and the nation his true policy objectives. 

So after six weeks of campaigning and a vacation,  I will say a fond farewell to Sen Obama and his campaign  of despair and hopelessness.  After managing to destroy America’s past, present and future in speeches and TV ads in just six weeks,  I can’t think how America will look after 4 years of an Obama Presidency. 


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