Thoughts of a gun clinging racist religious zeolot

 Frustrated that working class Americans in small towns are voting overwhelmingly for Sen Clinton in the Democratic primary,  Sen Obama, at a private fundraiser,  stated that these Americans are bitter Americans who “cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”.  Sen Obama could have said “Dumb hicks can’t think for themselves” as an explanation for his lack of rural votes and made his speech a few minutes shorter.

Having lived in one of these small towns that Sen Obama speaks of for most of my life, I can honestly say that we do not bring our guns to church on a weekly basis.  I can also honestly say the more LEGAL IMMIGRANTS (note the word immigrants does not denote only Mexican, illegal immigrants are illegal even if they are form Poland),  the better.  After all would I know the joys of Halushki without legal immigration?  Finally, I can also say that when we sit around after Sunday mass drinking from our full beer cans while we shoot the empties, that the discussions we have are more intelligent than shouting ” G-D immigrants took my job!, How ’bout that number 23? , boy is he tearin’ up the track today!” 

As a member in good standing of rural America, I am personally offended by the remarks Sen Obama made at this fundraiser.  I go to church on Sundays, not because I feel disenfranchised with America but because I believe in God and want to show him the respect He deserves.  We pray for America but not because of America.  I don’t go to church as a sign of hopelessness but as a sign of hope for my future.  Faith is personal not political, I would have thought Sen Obama would have learned that when Rev Wright’s racist and anti-American comments were the focus of his campaign. 

I also own guns and believe my rights under the Constitution are violated if laws are made to strip ownership of my guns from me.  I don’t cling to my guns for emotional support as Sen Obama suggested but rather hold on to them because I am afforded that right under the Constitution.  My kids will grow up learning the dangers and values of gun ownership because as Americans they have that right.  There is no sense of frustration at America or her politics/politicians as a gun owner.  In fact, just the opposite is true. I own guns because I love America and believe in her politics and politicians.  ( Not that if you don’t own a gun you don’t love America.)

I am also anti ILLEGAL immigration not because they sneak in at night, steal jobs and then send money back to relatives who repeat the cycle, all the while taking advantage of all the great things America can offer.  I am against ILLEGAL immigration because there is a way to legally enter this country, a way that my ancestors had to follow before they became citizens.  My ancestors had to learn English if they wanted to work or even get by in America.  They held on the traditions of their homeland, traditions I still enjoy today, while adapting to the American way.  In many cases immigrants benefit American society and add a dimension many other counties in the world can never hope to enjoy.  I am also against illegal immigration because in the warped political thinking of today’s liberal leaders, illegal immigrants argue for and receive more Constitutional rights than legal immigrants to or citizens of the USA.  Yes, we need a solution to the border issue, but simply put until a viable solution is on the table, ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL, there is no nuance here, unless you are a lawyer or politician in the Democratic party. 

 If Sen Obama knows the “buzz words” of racism as he has professed (see previous post about monkeys for more), then he should also learn that rural Americans know the “buzzwords” spoken about them that translate into the phrase “Dumb Hicks!” No matter how he tries to spin these comments, they will follow him into the general election.  Add this comment to his wife’s pride comment, Rev Wright’s statements and his “typical white person” comments and we have the beginning of a very bad campaign for Sen Obama.  But what do I know, I’m just a gun clinging racist religious zealot from PA. 



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  2. I believe that since he was at a fund raiser in CA, he was just telling them what he and the they believe about small town America. If only the government would step up, we wouldn’t care if our guns, churches, and soverinty are taken away…

    I the “bitter” speech is his maccaca moment.

  3. He will lose – badly. He is counting on the liberal elite vote. How can he say he is always “taken out of context” when he takes John McCain out of context EVERYDAY with the “100 years war”. Typical liberal elite hypocrite.

  4. Better pack your bags. McAmnesty isn’t going to be supported by the true conservatives in this country. No matter how much he tries to make nice, almost every anti illegal immigration group in this country see him the same as Hillary and Obama. The only difference is he says he wants to stay in Iraq and take on Iran. The man is not presidential material and neither are the other two. All 3 have CFR/Trilateral Commission connections. Only those who love heck of a job GW will support this neocon wet dream.

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