Too Little Too Late

The denouncement of Rev Wright by Sen Obama is too little too late.  Obama has had several chances to distance himself from the Reverend and refused to do so despite having heard statements made by the pastor of his church. 

Sen Obama has been steadfast in defending Rev Wright for several months now.  When this controversy first surfaced over a year ago no one paid attention and Obama was released from criticism by the media.  Now Rev Wright in trying to defend himself and in turn attacked Obama saying that he is just a “politician”.  Despite the truth to these words, or perhaps because of them,  Obama now has tried to distance himself from the good sheperd.  It wasn’t the attack on Americans being the cause of 9/11.  It wasn’t the racial rhetoric that the Reverend preached.  Obama even defended Rev Wright in his “Race” speech in Philly saying he was a crazy uncle.  To Obama the worst thing Rev Wright could have said was that he, Sen Obama, was a politician.  This should give every voter a sense of Sen Obama more than his own stump speech rhetoric. 

Sen Obama hates the truth and the truth is that he is just another politician!


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Military Deaths

This is a copy of an e-mail I received recently.  I have not been able to verify the numbers yet but perhaps someone can check the link.  It is true that more soldiers were deployed under Clinton than under the previous Presidents without an actual war to fight.  At the same time Clinton reduced themilitary to an unhealthy size. 

As tragic as the loss of any member of the US Armed Forces is, consider the following statistics:

The annual fatalities of military members while actively serving in the
armed forces from 1980 through 2006:

1980 ………. 2,392 (Carter Year)
1981 ………. 2,380 (Reagan Year)
1984 ………. 1,999 (Reagan Year)
1988 ………. 1,819 (Reagan Year)
1989 ………. 1,636 (George H W Year)
1990 ………. 1,508 (George H W Year)
1991 ………. 1,787 (George H W Year)
1992 ………. 1,293 (George H W Year)
1993 ………. 1,213 (Clinton Year)
1994 ………. 1,075 (Clinton Year)
1995 ………. 2,465 (Clinton Year)
1996 ………. 2,318 (Clinton Year)

1997 …………. 817 (Clinton Year)
1998 ………. 2,252 (Clinton Year)
1999 .. …….. 1,984 (Clinton Year)
2000 …….. ..1,983 (Clinton Year)
2001 …………. 890 (George W Year)
2002 ………. 1,007 (George W Year)
2003 ………. 1,410 (George W Year)
2004 ………. 1,887 (George W Year)
2005 …….. … 919 (George W Year)
2006………….. 920 (George W Year)
2007……… …899 (George W Year)

Clinton years (1993-2000): 14,000 deaths

George W years (2001-2006): 7,932 deaths

If you are surprised when you look at these figures, so was I. These figures
mean that the loss from the two latest conflicts in the Middle East are LESS
than the loss of military personnel during Bill Clinton’s presidency; when
America wasn’t even involved in a war!

And, I was even more shocked when I read that in 1980, during the reign of
President (Nobel Peace Prize winner) Jimmy Carter, there were 2,392 US military
fatalities! I think that these figures indicate that many members of our Media
and our Politicians will pick and choose the information on which they report.
Of course we all know that they present only those ‘facts’ which support their
agenda-driven reporting. But why do so many of them march in lock-step to twist
the truth? Where do so many of them get their marching-orders for their agenda?
Obviously there is one shared agenda, and I believe it is clear it comes from
the most powerful Democratic family of the decade.

Do you want further proof? Consider the latest census, of Americans. It
shows the following FACTS about the distribution of American citizens, by Race:
European descent ……………………..69.12%
Hispanic ………………………………….. 12.5%
Black ………………………………………..12.3%
Asian ……………………………………….. 3.7%
Native American ………………………. ..1.0%
Other ……………………………………….. . 2.6%

Now… here are the fatalities by Race; over the past three years in Iraqi
European descent (white) ………….74.31%
Hispanic ………………………………. 10.74%
Black …………………………………. .. 9.67%
Asian ……………………………………. 1.81%
Native American ……………………… 1.09%
Other ……………………………………. 0.33%

The point here is that our mainstream med ia continues to spin these figures (for political
gain). Nothing more.
It’s all about politics and some politicians, are now famous for turning
American against American for a vote. (Consider Slick Willy and his comments
just recently made about South Carolina, Jesse Jackson, and the ‘blacks’ voting
for the ‘black’ candidates); or Hillary’s stump speech after her Super Tuesday
‘victory’ stating that the current administration does not ‘listen’ to anyone
and continues the war costing precious American lives. Yes, we might even agree
with her, but she should be made to acknowledge her own husband’s
administration, without having an actual war, sent more soldiers to death
during his regime-while also forcing the military to release Osama when we
actually had him detained.

Maybe during the time between now and November, intelligent
Americans can decipher the facts from the spin and the spinners from the
leaders; those who seek even more power from those that seek justice, the
dividers from the uniters.

Over the next months let’s be good listeners (yes, Hillary we are listening)
and see and hear who tries to divide our nation; and who wants to unite our
nation. Who wants to control how our money is spent and who wants our money
spent the way we would spend it. Who seeks power and who seeks justice?
Who spins the facts and who is genuine

These statistics are published by Congressional Research Service, and they
may be confirmed by anyone at:

Race Card

In the wake of Clinton’s win in PA,  pundits have restarted the race issue.  In analyzing why Obama has not won in blue collar cities across America,  ABC ran a report arguing that Obama’s race may be a factor in his electability.  Of course this report and others I have seen  focus solely on whites voting for Obama.  After 15 months of campaigning I see a different reason why Obama can’t close the deal as they say. 

While some polls do suggest that race is a factor, the percentages are very small.  For those voters who feel that race is not a factor the percentages are much higher,  hovering around 77%.  The way these polls are presented also is a huge factor.  Generally these polls are presented as white voters only,  which may or may not be how the poll was taken.  In any case other data suggests that blacks vote overwhelmingly for Obama, 92% in PA for instance.  Yet this “race” data is seen as okay for some reason yet it is no less racist.  No matter what polls and data suggest though after 15 months on the campaign trail race is not the issue for the majority of Americans,  it is policy. 

Even the most out of touch voter has seen an ad on TV or read at least one article in a paper.  In some way that piece of media swayed their decision and not one TV ad that I have seen or heard has come out to say don’t vote for Obama because he is black.  The informed electorate, those voters who read newspapers, watch some TV and utilize the Internet,  have made up their minds based on a policy issue that is important to them after so many months of coverage on the campaign trail.  Obama can’t close the deal because of this flow of information. 

When voters look at his stance on Iraq, which has been widely circulated, they may agree with him that the war was a bad idea but know the reality of the situation is that no one will be able to cut and run.  In addition, when both he a Clinton were asked about Iran getting and using nuclear weapons,  Clinton acted tough on defense while Obama kept saying that talking would end every crisis in the world while calling Clinton’s stance saber rattling (words used against Bush by Clinton and Obama to attack his foreign policy).   American voters do want more money in their  pockets but understand that growing the size of government through more welfare and other assistance programs will only lead to higher taxes for all Americans, especially blue collar, middle class workers.  Open immigration policies will also hurt working Americans and voters know this when they still have to press 1 for English. 

Finally voters realize that experience really does matter.  In PA, Sen Obama ran his campaign not on what he has done on the US Senate but what he did as a state Senator and in his previous career as a civil rights lawyer.  Voters understand that passing policy in Illinois is not like passing policy that will affect the 50 states that make up the United States of America.  Obama can’t make a case for experience because he has none on the national or world stage. 

I have heard the comparisons to JFK in reference to Obama’s lack of experience, speaking quality and other traits.  I will admit that I was not alive for JFK and only know the historical record of JFK as President and citizen.  These references are flawed at their core because of JFK’s service to America before he was President.  Serving as Secretary to his Ambassador father, commanding a PT boat in WW2, and as a Congressman for much longer than Obama,  JFK had more experience and policy making ability than Obama has now as he runs for the same office. 

The reason Obama can’t close the deal has very little to do with race.  Yes, a small percentage of whites will vote along racial lines, just as a small percentage of women will vote only on gender lines.  The reason Obama has failed to win support among blue collar workers,  the average Joe,  are his policies.  While he repeats the chorus of “change we can believe in”, Americans are starting to look at his idea of change and finding it hard to swallow.  Obama himself still, after 15 months, does not get into policy debates unless he is forced to engage an opponent. However,  with just a little digging any  voter can find out that he has proposed higher taxes, believes in free and open borders and is soft on defense.   So while the media outlets continue to play the race card, Americans are moving on to the issues that matter and deciding for themselves who will be the best candidate to serve as President of the United States, no matter what color,age or gender they happen to be on election day.   


It’s McCain, Stupid!!!!!

After hearing one too many voters say “I can’t deal with another 4 years of Bush”  as a response to the question “why are you voting for Clinton/Obama?”,  I feel the need to remind anyone reading this that President Bush served 8 years as President and is no longer eligible to be President.   Sen John McCain is the Republican nominee.  That means he, not George Bush, is running for President.  It is naive, close minded and just plain stupid to say, as a registered voter, that you are voting against George Bush.   Agree or disagree with President Bush,  your vote will in no way make him lose sleep on election night.  It will in no way affect the way he governs because he will be done governing. 

Whoever the Democratic nominee is for President, he/she will have to face off against  John McCain and his policies, not the policies of the current President.  For either candidate this will be a new aspect to the campaign since so far neither Clinton nor (especially) Obama have stated their proposals in a clear, meaningful way.  Instead they jockey for the best anti-Bush statement of the day while throwing each other under the bus. 

Again, George Bush is not running for President,  he has served his term in office.  This is just a friendly reminder of that fact and a hope that only well informed voters will exercise their rights going forward. 

Slim to None

That’s Obama’s chances in PA on Tuesday.  In under 48 hours, Sen Obama’s campaign will move on to another state glad to be rid of the bitter Americans that reside in PA.  Despite his outspending Sen Clinton 3 to 1 on ads through the last six weeks of the primary,  Sen Obama can’t compete in the Keystone state.  Recent statements Sen Obama made about rural America and also his link to terrorists and Rev Wright,  have shown the people of PA and the nation his true policy objectives. 

So after six weeks of campaigning and a vacation,  I will say a fond farewell to Sen Obama and his campaign  of despair and hopelessness.  After managing to destroy America’s past, present and future in speeches and TV ads in just six weeks,  I can’t think how America will look after 4 years of an Obama Presidency. 

Annie Oakley’s roundup

As scared as I am of the two Democrats running for President succeeding, I can’t help but admire the political prowess of Sen Clinton.  This weekend she went door to door in Scranton,PA asking for votes.  Desperation?  Maybe, but it worked! 

While Sen Obama spent the weekend defending his “bitter” Americans comment,  his supporters were answering their doors to find Sen Clinton standing there with hat in hand.  In at least one publicized story,  a man who had been an Obama supporter, not by name only but with a yard sign to show his support, switched his vote to Sen Clinton after she showed up to ask him for his vote.   It’s hard not to admire the door to door campaigning of a former First Lady even if you disagree with her platform.  Of course she is only swaying bitter gun clinging Pennsylvanians with this tactic but even they know how much their vote counts on April 22. 

Annie Oakley may have stopped just short of bringing a case of beer and a round of bullets with her as she visited homes in Scranton this weekend, but her message was the same–“I’m more like you than Sen Obama!”.  After spending most of her campaign trying to figure out how to get that message across, perhaps she should thank her opponent for giving her the best opportunity she has had to show off her “common man” talents.  And while the path to my house is blocked with McCain signs, at least I know that if she does show up to talk politics, Sen Clinton won’t be offended if I offer her a cold one as we sit and discuss all the bad policy decisions her husband made regarding gun control.   

Thoughts of a gun clinging racist religious zeolot

 Frustrated that working class Americans in small towns are voting overwhelmingly for Sen Clinton in the Democratic primary,  Sen Obama, at a private fundraiser,  stated that these Americans are bitter Americans who “cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”.  Sen Obama could have said “Dumb hicks can’t think for themselves” as an explanation for his lack of rural votes and made his speech a few minutes shorter.

Having lived in one of these small towns that Sen Obama speaks of for most of my life, I can honestly say that we do not bring our guns to church on a weekly basis.  I can also honestly say the more LEGAL IMMIGRANTS (note the word immigrants does not denote only Mexican, illegal immigrants are illegal even if they are form Poland),  the better.  After all would I know the joys of Halushki without legal immigration?  Finally, I can also say that when we sit around after Sunday mass drinking from our full beer cans while we shoot the empties, that the discussions we have are more intelligent than shouting ” G-D immigrants took my job!, How ’bout that number 23? , boy is he tearin’ up the track today!” 

As a member in good standing of rural America, I am personally offended by the remarks Sen Obama made at this fundraiser.  I go to church on Sundays, not because I feel disenfranchised with America but because I believe in God and want to show him the respect He deserves.  We pray for America but not because of America.  I don’t go to church as a sign of hopelessness but as a sign of hope for my future.  Faith is personal not political, I would have thought Sen Obama would have learned that when Rev Wright’s racist and anti-American comments were the focus of his campaign. 

I also own guns and believe my rights under the Constitution are violated if laws are made to strip ownership of my guns from me.  I don’t cling to my guns for emotional support as Sen Obama suggested but rather hold on to them because I am afforded that right under the Constitution.  My kids will grow up learning the dangers and values of gun ownership because as Americans they have that right.  There is no sense of frustration at America or her politics/politicians as a gun owner.  In fact, just the opposite is true. I own guns because I love America and believe in her politics and politicians.  ( Not that if you don’t own a gun you don’t love America.)

I am also anti ILLEGAL immigration not because they sneak in at night, steal jobs and then send money back to relatives who repeat the cycle, all the while taking advantage of all the great things America can offer.  I am against ILLEGAL immigration because there is a way to legally enter this country, a way that my ancestors had to follow before they became citizens.  My ancestors had to learn English if they wanted to work or even get by in America.  They held on the traditions of their homeland, traditions I still enjoy today, while adapting to the American way.  In many cases immigrants benefit American society and add a dimension many other counties in the world can never hope to enjoy.  I am also against illegal immigration because in the warped political thinking of today’s liberal leaders, illegal immigrants argue for and receive more Constitutional rights than legal immigrants to or citizens of the USA.  Yes, we need a solution to the border issue, but simply put until a viable solution is on the table, ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL, there is no nuance here, unless you are a lawyer or politician in the Democratic party. 

 If Sen Obama knows the “buzz words” of racism as he has professed (see previous post about monkeys for more), then he should also learn that rural Americans know the “buzzwords” spoken about them that translate into the phrase “Dumb Hicks!” No matter how he tries to spin these comments, they will follow him into the general election.  Add this comment to his wife’s pride comment, Rev Wright’s statements and his “typical white person” comments and we have the beginning of a very bad campaign for Sen Obama.  But what do I know, I’m just a gun clinging racist religious zealot from PA. 


Monkeys upset when trees removed from zoos

It’s sad I have to say this but…….For all those who might take this as news—THIS IS NOT REAL—-YET!!@!!!!!!!!

The fallout from the Carpentersville woman’s comments about monkeys has reached the nation’s zoos.  As of next year, trees will no longer be allowed in public viewing areas where monkeys are housed.  The move is an effort supported by everyone, everywhere,  not to offend anyone, at any time, for any reason, in any place.  The directors of the nation’s zoos feel it will help heal race relations in this country.  Monkeys feel the move is stupid and began throwing poo at the caretakers who began removing trees. 

This move by the zoos was sparked after a recent statement by a Hispanic woman, Linda Ramirez-Sliwinski.  When children were playing in a tree near her home she feared for their safety.  When she called out to tell the children to stop playing in the tree like monkeys,  a neighbor was offended and called the cops.  The neighbor felt it was racist because the children were African-American.  Linda was fined $75 for “disorderly conduct” for her statement.  Linda also was forced, by the Obama campaign,  to step down as a delegate because her comments were divisive. 

Monkeys everywhere have tried to argue that they have been climbing trees for thousands of years and that climbing is a natural inbred talent, and needed for survival.  When faced with a tough decision, the monkeys commented, they flee into the trees and throw poo, they can’t help it.  They also said that if children imitate them they should be careful as they do not have the inbred ability of a monkey and they could seriously get hurt.  They further went on to urge adults to keep a watchful eye on children in trees.  The zoo officials, after hearing the monkey’s arguments for trees,  said that as long as something can be misconstrued and used in any sort of demeaning, racial or otherwise offensive manner, by anyone, anywhere,  it would now have to be considered divisive.   

As zoos move forward with plans to remove the trees, they are also considering the names of some monkeys.  On the table are pygmy monkeys (considered offensive for small people), squirrel monkeys( considered offensive by squirrels), and even the beloved Curious George is under review ( Zoo officials would like to know what he is so curious about).  Sen Clinton has also identified Titis monkeys as a possible offense to her gender and Sen McCain would like a review of all “Old World Monkeys”  because they may be offensive to baby boomers and older Americans.  In related offenses, the Chinese Zodiac is under fire because someone was told they were born a “pig” while eating dinner at a Chinese restaurant somewhere in America.  More on that later. 


THIS IS REAL—————————————————–>

On the one hand I can understand the “divisiveness” of this comment.  I understand how the word was used 50 years ago in common speech. But please!!!

Is Obama above race or not?  Is he black or not?  Have we come a long way in race relations or not? Will we form a “more perfect Union” as his speech said by arguing over this lady’s comments which were nothing more than benign speech spoken everyday to all children of all colors in every language??????  FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, STOP CREATING RACISM WHERE NONE EXISTS.  THIS IS A PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN WITH REAL ISSUES, START ADDRESSING THEM IN REAL WORDS NOT NICE FEELGOOD BUZZWORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,CST-NWS-trustee08.article#  for the real article about the “racial” incident