Current State of the Race for 08

While Sen Obama is defending his pastor and talking about “a typical white person”(yes he did say it) and Sen Clinton is stuck in a room laughing hysterically over her rival’s implosion, Sen McCain has been touring overseas and acting Presidential. 

While traveling with Senators Lindsey Graham and Joe Lieberman this week, Sen McCain met with Gen Petraeus during his 8th trip to Iraq since 2003 and traveled Baghdad with Iraqi and American military personnel.  Sen McCain then met with leaders in Israel, Prime Minister Gordon Brown in Britain and French President Nicolas Sarkozy.  McCain’s trip was just another nail in the foreign policy coffin the Democrats are lying in as they attempt to win the White House and retain control of Congress this year. 

As Senators Obama and Clinton continue to make speeches regarding foreign policy affairs, Sen McCain was being proactive in foreign affairs.  The meetings he had with world leaders this week may amount to nothing, as he is not yet President.  However, only Sen McCain can reach out to these leaders before he is President because of his experience with world leaders over 20 years in Congress.  The meetings may also prove to be valuable tools as he addresses voter concerns over the war and other issues around the world. 

Sen Obama has made 3 trips overseas since being elected.  His foreign policy experience is essentially nonexistent.  Sen Clinton, while having  relationships with world leaders and their wives, has continued to focus on poll numbers to shape her foreign policy initiatives.  Both say they want to lead the US and reshape American foreign policy if they elected President.  Both fail to show their commitment to America’s standing around the world by neglecting the realities of current events, especially in Iraq. 

The current sate of the race for 08 has Sen Obama debating race issues.  A debate he started and is having trouble arguing.  It has Sen Clinton saying what she needs to say to win the nomination of her party, a mathematical improbability at this point.  And the race for 08 has Sen McCain practicing what he preaches both in Congress and on the campaign trail,  reaching out to other leaders to ensure the safety and continued prosperity of America.  In other words, the work of a President. 



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