Offending Obama

What exactly can you talk to Sen Obama about?  The latest thing you can’t discuss is his religious affiliation.  Yesterday GMA ran a piece about Sen Obama’s pastor and the radical comments he has made.  The pastor of Obama’s church for the last 20 years blamed America for 9/11, called the US the US of KKK A, and said “not God bless America, God DAMN America!”,  among other things.  In addition, church members that were interviewed did not see anything wrong with the pastor’s statements, one even saying that it’s just called being black in America.  Sen Obama’s staff has said that the Senator does not agree with some of the things the pastor has said and likened him to a crazy old uncle.  however, Sen Obama has not denounced anything the pastor has said during his campaign.

Apparently Sen Obama’s life is untouchable.  When people use his middle name, a registered name with the US government used for Social Security,drivers license etc,  he calls its use extreme. When people point out, factually, that he is receiving a very high percentage of the black vote, he calls it missing the point.  Whenever his race is brought up in any conversation, he calls it racist.  And when voters question his policies they are called Republicans because they don’t understand hope and change.  

I do not believe that race,heritage,gender or religion should be a factor in deciding how to cast your ballot.  However, when serious issues about a candidates past,  are brought up, they need to be discussed.  In Sen Obama’s case the discussion over his pastor’s comments is a legitimate one.  The pastor made defamatory and malicious comments against the USA and the government.  Sen Obama sat in the same church listening to sermons from the same pastor.  Why has he not denounced his pastor’s comments?  Mitt Romney was vetted about his Mormon beliefs and even had to have a press conference about his beliefs and those of the modern Mormon church.  Romney denounced certain beliefs that are held by fundamental Mormons.  Should we not expect the same from Sen Obama whose own church leader has said these very public comments? 

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