Obama’s achievements

Sen Obama has to have done SOMETHING, ANYTHING in his 3 years as a Senator,  at least that’s what I’m telling myself as I struggle with his cult like personality.  I can’t go on believing that his rise is just because he can turn a phrase.  I have to BELIEVE he actually has a record of CHANGE

What has Sen Obama done in 3 years?

Sponsored a resolution to honor Percy Lavon Julian, African-American chemist, (referred to committee), sponsored a resolution condemning the government of Zimbabwe for violent actions against its citizens (held at desk), introduced a stamp for Rosa Parks (referred to committee),resolution to celebrate the life of Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson (PASSED!!!),resolution supporting the goals and ideals of Sickle Cell Disease Awareness Month(referred to committee), passed July 12,2007 as National Summer Learning Day (!!!!),  sponsored resolution to honor Carl Stokes, first African-American mayor of a major American city Cleveland -(Committee), a bill to require the President to reduce GLOBAL poverty by 1/2 between 1990 and 2015(committee), a bill to amend the Clean Air act to increase the renewable content of gasoline(committee), a bill to prohibit the introduction or delivery of toys containing lead into interstate commerce (committee), a bill to provide procedures for correctly classifying contractors and employees (committee), a bill to authorize  the National Science Foundation to establish a Climate Change Education Program (yep, committee), a bill to promote healthy communities (committee), a bill to prohibit deceptive practices in Federal Elections( to be voted on later (probably after he’s elected)), and finally one thing that passed that Sen Obama sponsored—a bill to provide relief and promote democracy in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

I’m still trying to find something Sen Obama can claim as a glorious success.  Don’t count him out yet, I’m sure there is a naked mole rat species that needs protecting somewhere.  It’s a quest now to find more outstanding accomplishments Sen Obama has worked across the aisle to promote. 

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