PA for Clinton

After winning 3 out of 4 last night, Clinton now has her sights set on PA.  In my corner of the world there are only 2 political candidates that have visible support–Clinton and Ron Paul, except of course for my immediate area where I have McCain signs up.   PA will probably go big for Clinton, especially NEPA where I’m sure she will campaign on her family ties to Scranton.  Also Clinton has the support of our Governor, who visits NEPA every other day it seems.  Obama on the other hand is probably too liberal for NEPA where they support gun owner’s rights, are against abortion and mainly catholic yet vote Democrat.  Also any candidate addressing illegal immigration will have to mention Hazelton where they have been trying to enact local anti-illegal immigration laws and under the Mayor, Lou Barletta, who is running for the House against a 20+ year veteran of the House–Paul Kanjorski.  Obama’s stance on immigration will not win him votes in this area. 

Seven weeks is a long time for the candidates to campaign for a state and I expect I will be seeing political ads every other commercial.  For Obama to win in PA he will have to answer some tough questions and go beyond his rhetoric.  Suspending reality to “BELIEVE” doesn’t fly with voters in NEPA.  A great example of this happened a couple years ago when the Mayor of Wilkes-Barre introduced a new initiative to revitalize the downtown.  It was introduced at a big public party where people expected an announcement of new businesses or services coming to the downtown.  Instead at the great unveiling the Mayor introduced a slogan–“BELIEVE” and was almost laughed out of office.  The people of PA , and NEPA especially,  want real solutions and not cute catchphrases. 

So lets begin the rallies and commercials here in PA.  At this point the evidence suggests it is a one person race.  For Obama to make a play in PA,  he will have to overcome years of family ties and years of immigration from the people of NY and NJ who come to live here and continue to work in Hilary’s adopted home state.  It doesn’t look good for Obama. 


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