How Liberal can you get?

I readily admit I channel surf political coverage.  I like coverage from a variety of news outlets and see something new and different everyday.  However, CNN stopped me in my surfing last night when they called Vermont for Obama.  It wasn’t that he won, I thought it would just be a long night for Hilary at that point.  It was the coverage of one particular city in Vermont–Brattleboro. 

Last night, the citizens of Brattleboro passed a referendum stating that the town attorney should draw up indictments against Pres Bush and VP Cheney for crimes against the constitution and authorize police to arrest them if they entered  the town.  President Bush and VP Cheney were compared to Hitler as the petition for the measure was passed for signatures before being approved for the ballot by a select committee in the town.  

 The petition and passage of the referendum is laughable in its treasonous way.  Why didn’t they just vote to leave the Union?  However, it is more disturbing than laughable because these voters are a small sampling of the people who believe in Obama and his ultra liberal message.  Combine this referendum with the witch-hunt Rep Pelosi launched this week and you have the same old “hate Bush ” politics of Kerry and Gore, which worked out so well over the past few years. 

Obama’s message is one of bipartisanship.  His actions in the senate show that 96.5% of the time he is a Democrat first.  His support in Vermont only solidifies the position that he is so Liberal that the constitution does not matter and the principles of the founding fathers are only history and need to be revised to suit America today. 


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