I was against the war before I was for it!

Sen Obama’s pulpit was damaged yesterday in the first wave of attacks launched by Sen McCain.  The attack came fast and strong on the heels of  statements made by Sen Obama himself and if his response was any indication, he will have a long hard road to the Presidency. 

In the debate on Tuesday night, Sen Obama reiterated that he would pull our troops out of Iraq as soon as possible once he was President.  He also said that he would redeploy them to Iraq if terrorists established a base of operations in Iraq.  In a speech later, Sen McCain responded by saying that terrorism already has a base in Iraq.  Obama, not having a sermon ready for this attack, responded with “Oh Yeah!, Well they wouldn’t be there if you hadn’t been there first!” Based on this response, I can only guess that John  Kerry has been given an advisory position on the Obama campaign. 

The failed Democratic strategy of 2004 will not work in 2008 either.  Running against the start of the war dismisses the reality of the situation today.  Sen Obama clearly does not understand that pulling out only to redeploy later will only give the terrorists he already acknowledges are there, more time to rearm and launch even more deadly attacks. 

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