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The NY Times has launched the first warning shot at Sen John McCain today.  In it’s article titled For McCain, Self-Confidence on Ethics Poses Its Own Risk,  the NY Times attacks McCain’s integrity using two stories from the past.  The first was is the 20 year old story regarding the Keating Five and the second a 9 year old story about a lobbyist he had dealings with through Senate Committee meetings.   After reading the article, I can’t see anything but innuendo designed by liberals who fear McCain in the general election. 

As McCain gets closer to the nomination and the Democrats are still attacking each other,  it will be up to organizations such as MoveOn and the liberal leaning newspapers to derail McCain’s momentum.  Publishing this article with anonymous sources simply plants the seeds of doubt for other organizations to cultivate and grow over the next few months.  The theory behind all of this is that if McCain has to defend himself on questions of ethics and integrity, he has less time to speak about issues and policies.  This theory benefits one particular candidate, Barrack Obama, who is now the front-runner in the Democratic party and has little to offer beyond eloquent rhetoric.  The proof of this is in the fact that cable and network TV has now been talking about this article and its impact for over 12 hours. 

John McCain is often brought up as one of the few honest politicians in Washington.  This title does not fit into the attacks of the Democrats,  especially Sen Obama, who is a self stylized honest politician.  By printing this article today, the Times seeks to knock McCain down a few pegs to the level of his Democratic rivals.  Not even many Democrats believe McCain can be knocked down that far. 

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