Perhaps the borders in America really do need to be fixed.  Michelle Obama stated that she has not felt pride in America in the past 30 years.  Yet when she tries to leave the country to go to a nation that she is proud of , the open door that we have to America does not hit her hard enough as she leaves. 

The fact is the events of the past 30 years have propelled her husband and his rival to positions where they can speak to a  national audience.  If Barbara Jordan did not deliver the first keynote from a black person at the Democratic National Convention in 1976, Sen Obama may still be struggling to capture any audience.  If Jesse Jackson had not run for President multiple times in the past 30 years and become the outspoken leader he is today, Sen Obama, may still be struggling to find a way through the glass ceiling that was the Presidency.  If Mondale had not picked a woman, Geraldine Ferraro, as a running mate in 1984,  Sen Clinton may still be struggling to be accepted as a serious candidate  for the Presidency.  If voters had not elected more blacks, women and minorities to various positions on the local, state and national level over the past 30 years, Obama and Clinton may still be struggling just to overcome their respective minority status. 

Also lets not forget Condi Rice, Madeline Albright, Alberto Gonzalez Bill Richardson and Colin Powell.  All of these people, and many others, have held Federal office because of their ability and not their gender or skin color. 

History, over the past 30 years,  has not been an impediment to Obama and Clinton’s run for the Presidency.  The only thing history has provided Obama and Clinton is a precedent to be the President.  Michelle Obama’s comments negate the fact that America has come a long way in 30 years in the areas of race and gender in politics.

Americans,over the past 30 years, have also had numerous moments in time to celebrate.  In international affairs, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the rise of Democracy throughout former Iron Curtain nations.  In science, the return to space exploration with the launching of the space shuttle program, was another achievement for America in the past 30 years.  In sports, the miracle on ice that was the 1980 US men’s Hockey team.  And even in disaster, Americans came together for their own sake after 9/11 and for a regions sake after the Tsunami. 

Thirty years is a long time to not feel any pride in the achievements of America or its people.  Sen Obama is running a campaign of change and hope.  His campaign message implies that if we believe in ourselves we can change the way America operates at home and around the world.   Do we really need Sen Obama’s kind of change? If history is correct America and its people are doing just fine and remain as  strong and proud as it did 200 years ago. 


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  1. I agree with your analysis to an extent.

    Let me preface this by saying I don’t think Michelle Obama meant it exactly the way it came out. Poor choice in words yes, and she did in fact have a modifier in that phrase: “really”. Maybe it’s the first time she is “really proud” of her country and not just averagely proud?

    That being said, I agree that America has come leaps and bounds socially over the last 30 years. I however disagree that we have furthered our economic prosperity or our good will among other nations. Bad policy since Nixon has lead us to this point. Carter, Clinton, Bush Sr + Jr, and even god-incarnate, Ronald Reagan himself have almost put a concerted effort into destroying our Economy.

    So while I agree with you that we are making positive social growth, I would argue that America has significantly digressed in the area of sound economic policy. (Too much government and waste)


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