The double standard

I saw an interesting segment on the news this morning, I believe it was on Fox, about the double standard Obama has when it comes to “the rich”.  They showed him blasting corporate CEOs in his stump speech saying it was unfair for them to make more in 10 minutes than the average American worker makes in 1 year.  In another frame they had the Hollywood actors showing their support for Obama, actors that make $25 million a year or more.  I don’t know why, but I never really thought about this double standard of the Democrats until this report on the news. 

CEOs, or the devil as the Democrats call them, make a ton of money because of the presumptive skill to create jobs, raise productivity, be a good leader and make money to reinvest in the company which in turn will create more jobs, raise productivity again, create more leaders, make more money,  you get the picture.  Celebrities, or those wonderful people who give us money as the Democrats call them,  make a ton of money because they can emote well and make us feel empathy towards something or someone.  That’s it, no creating jobs, no increased productivity, no leadership development and little to no reinvestment in the workforce.  Perhaps this is why Obama and Clinton identify with celebrities so much. 

The double standard they promote, evil money vs good donor money will continue, I’m sure.  Actors who make millions will be courted and wooed to endorse specific candidates because of their drawing power.  Their opinion doesn’t really matter and are often relegated to the looking pretty seat on the stage.  The crowds will cheer and then line up to get a picture with the celebrity, not the candidate.  The unfortunate part is that the $25 million dollar celebrity will be considered worth it by many of us but a CEO who makes critical decisions that truly do affect the economy will be considered greedy if  they get a performance bonus of several million dollars.

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