As often happens when you have kids at home, I saw more Curious George yesterday than news.  So it was quite a surprise when I saw Romney endorse McCain on the nightly news.  The surprise was turned to reason quickly when I remembered the volume of calls to talk radio from Romney supporters saying they would now vote for anyone else besides McCain.  Romney simply made a tactical move to not only unify the party but also set himself up as a party favorite for the VP or other nomination. 

I have said before that Romney reminds me of a boss, he is only interested in results.  When he left the primary, the party became fractured with conservatives looking for an alternative, even asking for a third party.  Now, by endorsing John McCain, Romney sets himself up as a unifying force in the Republican party.  McCain can still unify Independents and Republicans behind the America before the party sentiment but now Romney can unify the party for America.   Results that no McCain supporter can truly ignore. 

As far as the VP nod, Romney may have become a consideration yesterday and set up an alliance of convenience.  McCain and Romney do not see eye to eye and there may be better candidates for VP to sway more conservatives,  but McCain will have to consider how much Romney helps his nomination going forward.  If Huckabee starts getting fewer votes and less delegates as a result of Romney’s intervention,  can a VP consideration be tossed aside by McCain?   Romney may not accept even if he is offered the post, deciding instead to prepare for 2012 or 2016, but his influence will not be forgotten by the party.  If Romney does accept,  McCain gains another point with voters afraid of his age (despite his vitality) because there will be a strong a “youthful” VP at his side. 

 Romney’s business is taking risks and producing results.  The risks are few in supporting McCain but the results are huge for Romney.  McCain is already the front-runner so Romney’s support is just another endorsement toward the inevitable nomination.  The result of the support however, gives Romney an edge in all future political considerations. 

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  1. I thought it was a classy move for Romney to endorse McCain so soon after his withdrawal, but I’m not convinced he did it to gain the VP position.

  2. I have a question for Conservatives who claim that there is something honorable about not voting for McCain. Who spend more of their time beating down a fellow Republican, while ignoring the extreme liberal forces that are about to kick their butts completely out of every branch of government.

    This is not just about who will be President for 4 years. It’s about preventing a complete washout of all conservative influence.. How is having only 50% of McCain’s ear worse than having zip out of a liberal dictatorship who thinks all conservative thought is archaic?

    What is honorable about sitting on your butt at home, refusing to vote – allowing all branches of government to be swarmed by RABIDLY liberal opponents who have vowed to undo everything conservatives have fought to achieve over the past decade?

    I hear endless whining and griping from Conservatives – while the extreme liberals, who are bent on reversing every conservative principal – out number us at the polls nearly two to one. Is that principal or is that do conservatives just have a death wish to see our country turn to the extreme left (who has no problem getting their hind ends to the polls)..

    What is so conservative about beating down the (soon to be) nominee who supports our troops, instead of the extreme liberals who insult our troops and degrade them every single day in front of the entire world?

    By punishing John McCain for not being conservative enough – you are really punishing all conservatives by making absolutely sure they will be governed by radical, rabid liberalism for the next 4 to 8 years.

    By stomping your feet and refusing to help, you in turn assure that the laws of the land will have few conservatives in a position of power to stop a runaway liberal train that will further infiltrate our school, explode your tax burden and socialize every part of your life it can.

    If you must be dragged to the polls, then don’t bother complaining when our courts are swarmed by the liberals who will put judges in power.

    Please think twice before punishing the rest of us conservatives, who may not love McCain, but are smart enough to realize the living nightmare that will ensue, if things continue on the path they are going.

    I see nothing conservative about being so focused on the anthill, you completely ignore the volcano that’s about to wipe your entire cause out. That is not principal. That’s political suicide. Will conservatives ever learn?.

    Danny Vice

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