Look beyond the Rhetoric

Obama has started to attack some of the comments Sen McCain has made while campaigning and in congress.  Obama’s attacks are misleading and often neglect the realities of the issues.

Senator Obama criticizes McCain’s support of the war in Iraq quite often.  He quickly points out the “100 years” McCain said we could be in Iraq as evidence of failed Washington thinking.  Sen Obama likes to point out he was against the war and never authorized going to war.  If Sen Obama knew current affairs he would realize that his attacks lack any real substance.  The US has been in Germany and Japan for 60+ years since WW2 ended,  Korea, for 50+ years.  When McCain talks about 100 years he is not fighting a war for 100 years but simply maintaining a presence that is needed in the region, no different than Germany or Korea.  US presence around the world has been sought by hundreds of nations for decades now.  

Remember the 8 years President Clinton was in office?  More troop deployments happened in those 8 years than in the previous 12 years.  A quick check of his website will tell you that Obama will maintain a presence in Iraq or the region(without military bases?) and strike al Qaeda if they are in Iraq.  Bill Clinton tried this and we missed Osama bin Laden how many times?  Also, as stated on his website,  Obama wants to use the UN as a peace keeping force in Iraq.  Who provides the most troops for the UN? The US! The big difference is the under the UN Americans can be shot and killed and our hands are tied.  Terrorists don’t care about blue hats with UN on them or camouflage hats with US on them, they are equal opportunity killers. 

And Obama is right, he never authorized the war in Iraq.  He was not in a position to do so.  As a state congressman, he would not have had a vote in going to war. As a candidate he spoke out against the war, a move that at the time was the thing to believe.  After elected, he opposed every move to help our troops in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq but has now offered $2 billion dollars to feed and clothe the Iraqi people.  His votes and proposals clearly show that Obama will weaken the military and impose global social welfare. 

 Obama also criticizes tax cuts for “the wealthy” as he calls them, those making $50,000-$75,000 or more.  He often cites how the straight talk express got derailed after McCain voted  against the tax cuts in 2001 and 2003 because now Sen McCain wants to make them permanent.  Factually speaking,  Sen McCain voted against them in part because of the spending attached to them, spending Obama has added to current bills in 2008 at least 87 times so far.  Obama wishes to make earmarks transparent and supports legislation that posts what earmarks were asked for and by whom.  Sen McCain has consistently voted and not asked for earmarks, a true sign of actions speaking louder than words. By the way, in 2008 Sen McCain has asked for 0 earmarks. 

Sen Obama also states that he can work with both sides of the aisle to enact real reform.  A quick check of his voting record indicates that, again, actions speak louder than words.  Sen Obama has voted with his party 96.5% of the time to enact reform.  By contrast, Sen McCain has voted with his party only 88.3% of the time.  Party loyalty is important but apparently Sen Obama believes in the party more than the people.

Americans are being asked to change government and believe in themselves by Sen Obama.  Taken by itself,  this sentiment makes every one of us feel empowered and starry eyed for a bright future.  It is Sen Obama’s hope that this sentiment and not the issues will carry him to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  In a war of platitudes and rhetoric, Sen Obama has a real edge in the political arena.  But in a war of  issues and action, Sen McCain is the clearly the winner. 

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