Fiscal Responsibility

Being extremely interested in politics, I have been seeing and hearing a lot of negative talk about John  McCain and how he is not a real conservative. Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter, two people I enjoy listening to, have come out against McCain because he opposed the tax cuts in 2001 and other policies he has voted against during the Bush years. In my view Rush and Ann are completely off base. The facts are John  McCain wants to be responsible with the spending in Washington so when a bill comes up that has a ton of pork attached, it should be vetoed. In my local county, pork is given out daily. Congressmen Kanjorski and Casey add so much pork to bills in Washington that PA could stop paying state tax and live off the government. It is a huge problem in Washington when you can get 1 million dollars to study cranberries but it comes attached to appropriations for the war or additional tax cuts.

As for the current round of tax rebates being discussed, keep them. Give me a long term solution that will stimulate the economy over the long term, as the 2001 cuts have (and McCain voted to make them permanent) and if you still want to give me a rebate, fine but show me the cuts in spending. It makes no sense to be a conservative who supports pork barrel spending. It’s irresponsible and only inflates the national debt more.

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  1. how long before they call him mc cane?
    sorry, but chuck norris called it right.
    no disrespect intended

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