Ron Paul

Lately, I’ve seen support for Ron Paul grow. First of all, anyone who can enter the national debate and make people become more involved in politics deserves some kudos. It’s not easy to get people who believe,wrongly,that their vote doesn’t count in the national debate. Second of all, anyone who can make the promises he has made and still be considered viable in the debate is worhty of a glance by voters.

  The reality is that Ron Paul can NEVER deliver on any of the promises he has made. The war will not be over on Jan 20,2009. That should be the first and last statement made by every candidate running for President. All candidates should be talking about their strategy to win the war, whatever “win” means to them. Ron Paul is naive in thinking we can pull out and let the Iraqi and Afghan governments sort it out on their own. America was an isolationist country once,in the 1920’s. We refused to be a part of the League of Nations and when the brittle alliances that made up the League fell apart, WW2 started. Withdrawing from Iraq now sets up an isolationist attitude in this country that will foster into other bad foreign policy decisions.

  The debate in America needs to go on and Ron Paul can certainly be a part of that debate. However, he will not hold the support of Americans for the long road to the White House.

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