McCain is the clear Leader

While there are many good ideas being thrown out by all of the Republican candidates for President, John McCain is the only candidate who can get things done as President. He has been a leader in Congress as well as in his personal life.

Why John McCain for President? Simple, John McCain wants to be President for America, NOT the Republican party. Partisan politics will continue, if not get worse, under a President Hilary Clinton, or even a Presidnt Romney.  John McCain, in my opinion, cannot be a partisan leader.  Think of how many times he has crossed that “political” line to enact reform and how many times he has been critisized for not being Republican enough. These actions will cost him votes in the election, especially among the Conservative Right, but isn’t that what a leader does, alienate some for the good of all.

Because of the Conservative Right and the MoveOn crowd on the left, America is fighting herself. With John McCain’s leadership, America will be able to focus on the real threats inside and outside her borders instead of the partisan bickering that has dominated the important discussions of the last several years.


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